Monday, September 30, 2019

A weekend of making

It was showery and cool this weekend, which was nice, especially for crafting. I think I worked on every ongoing project, and got out some yarn for an upcoming one but did not allow myself to cast on until something else had been finished (plus there's some winding needed).

Cowl and reading
Silver Spring cowl is my go-to Knit and Read project.

I'm almost to the last inch of rib, based on the amount of yarn that appears to be left. This is a bright and happy yarn, I wish I remembered whose!

I finished "The Dutch House" which was very good--in my Ann Patchett scale it was not as good as State of Wonder but better than Commonwealth. It got a little rushed at the end, but by then I was ready for it to be done. Wonderful, wonderful characters that you would just like to spend time with (except for Andrea, of course).

I also read (and almost finished) The Verdict or as Amazon describes it, a must read gripping crime thriller. It's gripping--it's one of those that goes back and forth in time and a smart reader KNOWS there's something that is not being disclosed and when that thing is disclosed it is a big WHOMP. I'm not yet done but I'm guessing there is something else that is not disclosed as well.


This is a bit of an experiment to see if I can stitch on tulle.

A friend to this photo during a trip to Alaska. I transferred it (in b/w) onto dissolvable paper and stuck it on a piece of tulle. Now I'll stitch it (the orca is done, and now I will use a few different colors of blue for waves in the ocean. Once it is done, it will kind of 'float'. Or else it will fall apart. Stay tuned!

Other stuff

Here is the planned mix of colors for the next big project:

I switched out my closet.

We're watching Season 4 of "Billions" and just watched the episode called "The Overton Window" and I had never heard of that concept and now it fascinates me.


Saturday, September 28, 2019

Back to knitting!

I picked up three long stalled projects over the past few days. One is Speckle Tonic, which I put aside because it was lace and sometimes you have to be in a good headspace to do lace. I really like this:

And of course being lace it is impossible to really tell what it looks like.

The speckle is Knit Pics, and the dark one is a dark blue that is probably Wollmeise.

Had a bunch of meetings and things yesterday, and now have a brief break before 'real' classes finally start.  Hopefully a lot of knitting will get done!

Enjoy the weekend.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Let's just sit and be quiet, shall we?

Woah the first three days this week have been crazy, with welcoming students back to campus, having the Groundshog day meeting, getting all my new grad students up to speed, and talking to colleagues that I haven't seen for a bit. Too many people. I have a day sans people today, and then more people things tomorrow.

The good news is that campus is closed on Monday for Yom Kippur, so I don't start teaching til next Wednesday. I'm all set.

Today I'm just being quiet. I need to go to Michaels to get some floss and to the grocers', but other than that I am just being quiet (until this evening, when we'll go to the opening night of the symphony.  It isn't a chi-chi as it sounds.)

Chi-chi. You don't hear that a lot, do you?


This is another one from the Etsy shop Hook, Line and Tinker (a brick and mortar store in Corvallis carries a few of her patterns as well). This is one where I printed out the pattern on transfer cloth and the next step is to 'soak it off'.  I have another one from her, with a lighthouse, and I have another one from Cozy Blue of a whale, and that will be a little ocean triptich. 

Mystery KAL

I guess it is becoming a fall tradition for me to do a mystery KAL. I'm going to do The Great British Baking Shawl mostly because I like the name and I got some pretty colors from Miss Babs. It doesn't start til the end of October so maybe I'll get going on Speckle Tonic again, and do some cable socks too.

I read "Bleaker House" which is--interesting? About a writer who got a fellowship to spend several months in the Falkland Islands, on an island named Bleaker, and what happened there. The book includes some other pieces on her journey to be a writer. It is a bit--I don't know--disjointed? Which is fine if you want a book that you can pick up and put down. She writes well. So if I had to give it stars, I'd probably give it four stars. ANd I got the novel she wrote after her journey (which she did not work on in the Falklands) so there's that. 

Next up is "The Dutch House" by Ann Patchett. I started it last night and I'm hopeful. As I've written before, one of my absolute favorite books of all time is "State of Wonder". I really didn't like "Commonwealth". In my limited experience, if you like "SoW" you generally don't like "C" and vice versa.  YMMV. But so far, I like The Dutch House. 

I think that's all for now. We have frost warnings for the next few nights!!!! And snow above 4000 feet!!!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Retreat Knitting

I just got home from our faculty retreat, which is a seven=hour Groundshog Day event where we rehash the same things we have rehashed in every faculty meeting since the dawn of time.

But I got some good knitting done:

This is the Silver Storm or somesuch name cowl from Casapinka. It's basically knit a whole lot, then drop stitches, and close it up.

I like the colors a lot. I wish I knew what yarn it was to share with you.

In other news: I had a good trip to the oral surgeon and the wheels are turning to get my tooth implant implant-ed. I don't have to have another bone graft so yay!

My head hurts, so more soon.

Sunday, September 22, 2019


Somehow I thought Friday was the first day of fall (Autumn to Rosy) but it isn't, tomorrow is. So happy Fall eve (Autumn Eve to Rosy).

Did it

Knit/weave has to be one of the slowest projects. After slogging along, and deciding I wanted to make a shawl rather than a cowl, I realized it wasn't really ever going to be a shawl, and I quickly pivoted and made it into a cowl and finished it.

There are two yarns--a  yellow one and a blue with shots of yellow in it, and I like how it looks but in truth it might have looked better with two solid colors. And it looks a bit bibby but maybe with a turtleneck (which I think I need because my neck scares me) it would be cute.

We took two long walks yesterday as it was a lovely day (today=rainy) and also Comet has a vet check up (she's doing GREAT! She also completely freaks out at the vet but yesterday she did really well.

She's blurry because she is so busy licking me.

And this kind of cracks me up. There are always 'interesting' signs and such at my vet's office, and this is a new one (to me):

The top of the ladder is 'bites'.

I think this works for people in some way, too. But it kind of cracks me up because Comet, being a dog that was abused in her young life, goes right to the third or second ring from the top in a heartbeat.


I'm reading a good book--"My Friend Anna"--the true story of a Vanity Fair photo editor who gets caught up in a con scheme. It's fascinating. And Ann Patchett's new book gets released on Tuesday. Yay!

Friday, September 20, 2019

And back

Back from the coast, back to work, back to our academic year normal (except, Tim doesn't have to work on the dissertation all the time, yay!).

I finished this last night. It looks like a kaleidoscope image!  I had a little panic attack last night because I didn't know what to needle next but then I remembered I have a few on tap from the person who did the fox one.

Yesterday was cleaning, driving, unpacking, and forgetting where things were. It was so dark last night (we live in a valley in Eugene) and the noises were different (crickets!). But we'll be back in the groove over the weekend, I'm sure.

Happy Fall!

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


The weather is stormy--we had bands of heavy rains yesterday. I'm stormy--I don't want to go back to work (please let the next three years go by fast).

Stuff I made
One sock is done. This is for Tim. (ETA: Socks on a Plane.)

I made another little box ornament yesterday. These are impossible to hold together.

It looks huge, but it is only about four inches across.

I've also been playing around with some layered paper things.

It's an octopus.

I re-read "The House among the Trees" by Julia Glass. I recalled really liking it two years ago and I really liked it again. This is one of my top ten books, I think!

To answer a few questions that came up in the blog comments:

-Jessie is doing pretty well, although I think she'll be happy back in Eugene where she can be a bit more free-range. She seems to have stopped throwing up so much, so that's a benefit. Her weight seems stable too.

-Our neighbors out here are a mix of 'full time' and 'part time'. The ones we hung out with last Saturday are all full time (although both households go back and forth to Portland, a lot). I would say the neighborhood as a whole is about half full time, half part time, with a small number of vacation rentals (that no one is happy about).

-Now that I know about seal/sea lion ears, I will be able to report back the next time we see them.

This is my last post from the beach for a few weeks.  Ah well.

Monday, September 16, 2019

A few more lasts

This was our last summer weekend and we're now down to our last few summer days at the coast house. I go back to school really late, but things are starting up this Friday.

Last kayak
We did a new paddle, paddling 'up' the Little Nestucca, one of two Nestucca rivers that empty into Nestucca bay (the other is the 'big' Nestucca, which we've paddled several times). The Little was good--it goes through farmlands, and also in the river were several other kayakers, fishers in little solo pontoon boats, and (the best part) several seals (or maybe sea lions). Their little seal heads popped up every so often (one head was not so little, making me a little nervous) but they are fun companions to see during a paddle.

It was sunny, so I took a few more pictures of the shawl.

I used the 'easy' picot bindoff (cast on 2, cast off 4, repeat forever).

Our neighbors Dawn and Lane had us over for Moscow Mules (as one does), Tim made bread. Our neighbor Pam was there too. It was fun to hang out and get to know them, and we feel a bit more part of the neighborhood as well. Next summer I have plans to be much more integrated, and we may have a book club too.

Sunday was extremely rainy (as this week is supposed to be) and we mostly hung out around the house (two walks were taken, though).

I did a little paper crafting, making this 'box ornament' with a tiny pop up scene inside. Now that I know how it all is supposed to work, I'm going to make a few more today.

And move the deer up closer.

I also am working on another little embroidery piece--this one reminds me of a kaleidoscope.

Fish and Chips
Still enjoying the catch--Tim made fried fish and I made chips for dinner.

Doesn't that look 'real'?

Saturday, September 14, 2019


We're at that time when we are starting to think of the 'lasts' of the summer. Yesterday was the 'last' summer Friday we'll be here (we head back to live--mostly--in Eugene this coming Thursday). Yesterday was our last trip to the dump for a while (ok that's not a bad thing) and with the threat of bad weather, this might have been the last morning for coffee on the deck.

We can feel the weather changing and we're so happy we had the summer here. We'll be back on and off in the fall, and for an extended time at Christmas, but we've been here for THOSE so it won't be like this summer, which was all new  experiences all summer long.

Pug face
We have a hand held vacuum for a long time that somehow earned the name of Pugsley (there may have been a pug involved in the packaging? I just don't remember). So yesterday I made a new pug face for it:

Clearly I need to go back to work.

Bound off

This needs blocking, and I'll show you it again when it is blocked. I used the 'easy' picot bind off and I'll take a close up of that too.

Sneaker waves

Kathy had asked what a sneaker wave is. It is a wave that does not behave like other waves do, which basically roll up on the beach and then roll back from whence they came. Instead of coming straight on the beach like regular waves, sneaker waves come up from the side, and they tend to go much higher up on the beach than regular waves. And move faster too. If you're on a flat beach at the edge of the tide then they don't make a lot of difference to you, but if you're standing in the water or on a rock or log near the water they can knock you off and then suck you out to sea. Every summer there is news of people who get trapped in a sneaker waves and need rescuing; sometimes they don't survive.

They're dangerous, or they can be dangerous, and there are certain weather conditions which make sneaker waves more likely.  The one thing that you are to do is never turn your back on the ocean, so you can see one coming and get out of the way.  People who get in trouble are often on a rock or a log with their back to the ocean and it all quickly goes bad.

So there is a LOT of science missing in that explanation, but there you go.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Road Warrior

It has been a busy few days. Wednesday I left the coast at 9:30, drove to Eugene, got lunch, did a few things around the house, then picked up my frolleague Deb at 2:30 and we drove up to Portland for an event starting at 5. It ended around 7:30 and we drove back to Eugene. I got home at 9:30 and then stayed up talking to Tim and reading. Woke up at 2:30 am thinking how quiet it was (no ocean!) and then woke up again at 5 and then at 6. Just got up then and then piddled about and left the house at 8:20. Got gas, had a bit of OCD and had to come back to the house to check on something, went through McDonald's (don't judge, I didn't have dinner last night) and then got back to the coast.

I was part of a panel talking about purpose driven marketing. I'm the woman with the short blonde hair. To my right is my buddy Doug, who is a writer for an advertising trade publication. To my left first is Mary, who does marketing for a crunchy grocery store, Keith who does marketing for a hoity toity wine company, and my buddy Russ who runs an agency. We had a good talk and a good audience.

I don't know why my hands are like that.

I finished "Confessions of a Bookseller" and liked it, it was much like "Diary of a Bookseller" with a few new characters.

I finished "The Grammarians" and liked it OK.  I have tried to like Cathleen Schine books before and often didn't finish them, so yay I finished one?

It seems like I read more than that but I can't figure out what.

I'm kind of tired.



Tim is making them for dinner.

More when I'm a bit more awake!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

In the Post

Isn't saying 'in the post' so much more charming than 'in the mail'?  Channeling my blog friend Rosy who is my go-to source for charming British things.

Thanks Bridget!

These beauties will make a stunning shawl (ok not the tea).

More from Cozy Blue
The September stitch club arrived, as did some additional patterns I ordered.

I love her mandela-like things, and I also think that flower is a good fall thing (now I have officially eleventy gazillion fall themed things, hooray).


Did you read 'Diary of a Bookseller' about a guy who runs the largest second hand bookstore in Scotland? If not you should. He just published a sequel that sadly is not yet available in the US. But you can always have it sent to you, as I did.

This was a surprise: a tiny package from New Zealand. I had no idea what it was. But when I opened it I remembered.

WoolAid are bandaids made in New Zealand from NZ hill station sheep. I read about them when I was researching sustainable products.They're merino wool, and yes they are pricey (it costs more to ship them to the US than to buy them). I haven't any wounds right now (which is a surprise) but I will let you know what they're like when I do.

Here is the back of the package.

Tim Fishes!

Tim went out dory fishing this morning. He was out for about two hours with a charter (a fisherman and three other random guys) and brought back a nice haul.

That's him.

Monday, September 09, 2019

Weekend is a Wrap

We have one last 'summer' weekend in the coast house--we'll be back in the fall, but we can definitely feeling the change of seasons. It was a rainy day yesterday and it rained HARD last night, and I think we'll have a few more sunny days. 

Tiny needle work

Off by a day for TNT but here is the most recent one:

It needs a few more red accents and this will be a 'deep winter' one,  I think.

Munsen Falls

We had a few little adventures this weekend, starting with Munsen Falls. This is about a half hour drive from our house, and a 10 minute hike to see them.

The falls are really high, and given this was the end of summer, they weren't very strong. We'll come back in the winter. They were beautiful!

On the beach

We walked the dogs on the beach, and this was happening.
Woman in a long blue formal dress riding a horse. What you don't see are all the wranglers as well as several dogs--I think this was a photo shoot.

Also on the beach

I know these signs delight some of you.

And I made a thing

I often forget to look 'both ways' when exiting our driveway to the street. Our street is a rutted mess of rocks and maybe five people drive down it a day, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't check to make sure someone is coming (I can see people coming from the North very clearly, not so much from the south).

So I made a sign to remind me to look both ways.

It is the same as the 'sneaker wave' sign, so that amuses me greatly.

Hope your weekend was great!

Saturday, September 07, 2019

Saturday Q and A

From Kathy!

*Do you think of yourself as a worrier or as risk averse?  I am definitely a worrier.
*Do others call you a worry wort? I have been called that, yes.

*Do you consider yourself brave in any particular circumstance? I can be brave---I was scared to death to go rafting over a 22 foot high waterfall in New Zealand four years ago but I went ahead and did it anyway. 
*Do you fear: a)running out of yarn that is no longer available b)giving a gift and hearing it unraveled or c)having to confess how large your stash is? I am afraid of a and c. I have stopped giving knits as gifts to anyone other than Tim and I can fix his unravels!
*Are you afraid of air travel? I am not so afraid of it that I won't do it. 
*Do you fear a hand injury ? Well I hadn't really thought about it but now I do.
*This one is quite personal, feel free to skip it: Did you ever fear you were pregnant?  Nope.
*Were you afraid of a something as a child?  (the dark, etc) I was afraid of almost everything as a child.
*Do you fear having to get a shot? Yes yes yes yes yes.
*Are you afraid of sharks, jellyfish or coral in the ocean? Definitely not afraid of coral. I'm not afraid of sharks or jellyfish but I would prefer not to encounter them.

Friday, September 06, 2019

Mini adventure

Yesterday's adventure took us very close to home, as we climbed up Cape Kiwanda with the dogs. We avoided the cape all summer because of tourists, but it was very nice yesterday.

Some views:

Here are all the things you aren't supposed to do at Cape Kiwanda:

I knit a bit more on the Storm Shawl.  Somehow this yarn is turning out to be pretty perfect for it!


I read a book called "Drowning with Others" which is a mystery about a death at a boarding school. It is one that moves back and forth in time but it is done pretty well, using journals from students at the school at the time of the death and then the 'real time' story of those students grown up. It kept me guessing and I liked it.

I started "The Charmed Life of Alex Moore" which is kind of a sci-fi weird thing that I'm not that crazy about, but if you like kind of sci-fi weird things you might like it.

Sunset last night

It was purple.

Thursday, September 05, 2019

Our "Crabbing" "Adventure" and some tiny needle work

We had another adventure yesterday--we went crabbing for the first time. Or should I say 'crabbing' as (spoiler alert) it was not successful. But it was a lot of fun.

Tim came home with a crab ring a few days ago, which is basically kind of like a fruit basket that hangs up--there is a mesh bottom that is a big ring, some mesh sides that slope in to connect to a smaller ring at the top.
Folded up it looks like this:

Stretched out sort of like this (images stolen from the internet)

And it lays flat on the bottom of whatever waterway you are fishing and the crabs theoretically walk on it (you put bait in there, we put in a whole chicken) and then once there in there you pull up the whole thing and voila, crabs.

We went to a place called Whalen Island which has a short bridge that you cross to get to the island--we have seen people crabbing and fishing there before. We went at the turning of the tide, as suggested by the Internet, and we took chairs and books and dogs and Fritos and settled in for two hours outside.

For Dungeness, the crabs have to be mail and about six inches across. There is a limit of 14. You can also catch any size red rock crabs. To the left is one of our catches (yes it went back in) and to the right you can see our set up. Basically, this was not 'The Deadliest Catch' and after two hours we packed it in, although it was certainly fun to anticipate that some day we might have some crabs. 

Yesterday was not that day. All that we caught were too small, and fell out of the net as we pulled it up. Oh well.

After about an hour, a fisherman drove by and gave up his salmon carcasses and said they were good bait---we kind of got our hopes up that those might attract more crab but all they attracted were seagulls.

But it was a fun day. 

Fox and Phlox

This is a design by Hook, Line and Tinker that I found at a Corvallis needlework store, and it is so sweet. It will be part of my fall display.

I did change the three hanging hoops yesterday from some summery ones to these, which are a bit more late summer:

The Fox and Phlox will go up here eventually. I had to buy some more hoops!

Morning visitors

We have seen this doe with her two fawns often, and were happy to see her (and them) again today. This group often hangs out with another mom and child, which is always charming to see.

I know a lot of people hate deer but I love them.