Tuesday, September 10, 2019

In the Post

Isn't saying 'in the post' so much more charming than 'in the mail'?  Channeling my blog friend Rosy who is my go-to source for charming British things.

Thanks Bridget!

These beauties will make a stunning shawl (ok not the tea).

More from Cozy Blue
The September stitch club arrived, as did some additional patterns I ordered.

I love her mandela-like things, and I also think that flower is a good fall thing (now I have officially eleventy gazillion fall themed things, hooray).


Did you read 'Diary of a Bookseller' about a guy who runs the largest second hand bookstore in Scotland? If not you should. He just published a sequel that sadly is not yet available in the US. But you can always have it sent to you, as I did.

This was a surprise: a tiny package from New Zealand. I had no idea what it was. But when I opened it I remembered.

WoolAid are bandaids made in New Zealand from NZ hill station sheep. I read about them when I was researching sustainable products.They're merino wool, and yes they are pricey (it costs more to ship them to the US than to buy them). I haven't any wounds right now (which is a surprise) but I will let you know what they're like when I do.

Here is the back of the package.

Tim Fishes!

Tim went out dory fishing this morning. He was out for about two hours with a charter (a fisherman and three other random guys) and brought back a nice haul.

That's him.


DelightedHands said...

Love the embroideries! What fun. The fish will taste so good! I didn't realize how LARGE the rock is--the other photos didn't have a little dory for scale! lol

Bridget said...

I'm so happy your package arrived safe and sound! I hope you will enjoy everything.

I read about the wool bandages from Clara Parkes - she even took them on a "test drive" and her review was a big thumbs up.

Looks like between reading, stitching, and cooking some fish, you'll be busy. :-)

Vera said...

Oh yum - that fish will be wonderful! Nice package from Bridget - enjoy! That is one HUGE rock!!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Nice haul and I love those embroideries.

rosy said...

Loved the photos! and here's something I only learnt very recently. Apparently 'post' and 'mail' are not the same. The 'post' was where the 'mail' arrived. The 'post' was literally a post in the road and letters and such were delivered to someone there. While the 'mail' was the physical documents, letters etc.
I learn something new every day ~ and this was part of a talk at the museum about stagecoaches. I'm off to the museum this very afternoon. To learn some more!