Friday, September 06, 2019

Mini adventure

Yesterday's adventure took us very close to home, as we climbed up Cape Kiwanda with the dogs. We avoided the cape all summer because of tourists, but it was very nice yesterday.

Some views:

Here are all the things you aren't supposed to do at Cape Kiwanda:

I knit a bit more on the Storm Shawl.  Somehow this yarn is turning out to be pretty perfect for it!


I read a book called "Drowning with Others" which is a mystery about a death at a boarding school. It is one that moves back and forth in time but it is done pretty well, using journals from students at the school at the time of the death and then the 'real time' story of those students grown up. It kept me guessing and I liked it.

I started "The Charmed Life of Alex Moore" which is kind of a sci-fi weird thing that I'm not that crazy about, but if you like kind of sci-fi weird things you might like it.

Sunset last night

It was purple.


Vera said...

WOW for that sunset! Gorgeous. That's an awful lot of "don't do this" stuff, but it looks like a lovey place to be. Hope your weekend is great!

KSD said...

You know I love the purple.

"Sneaker waves"? "Commercial activities"? I want a job as a don't-do-that-here writer.

DelightedHands said...

Had a good laugh over the sign at the beach!
Beautiful pictures!

rosy said...

The beach sign really made me laugh. It's all a bit straight-jacketty isn't it? Your rock is becoming so familiar that I shall miss it when you go back.

kathy b said...

WOW. That sunset was amazing!!!!! I'd not be able to relax doing any of those things in that water! ! I was hyper cautious in the Apostle islands. Cold unpredictable waters and winds can yield deadly results. Fireman say the kayakers and said he wished we'd done that. NOT ME. I was happy in a big boat with a big motor and a full tank of gas and a radio. I'd have to wear a dry suit if I was to kayak near those caves in the Apostles. It is a lot of work. Not sure I am strong enough.
Im catching up on your week and glad you had a nice anniversary!

kathy b said...

Whoops I was looking at a previous popular post!!!! it clearly was not your anniversary!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Beautiful sunset and shawl. The yarn really is perfect for it! Glad to hear you liked Drowning with Others. I just downloaded it the other day but haven't started it yet. Might move it up on my reading queue.