Thursday, September 05, 2019

Our "Crabbing" "Adventure" and some tiny needle work

We had another adventure yesterday--we went crabbing for the first time. Or should I say 'crabbing' as (spoiler alert) it was not successful. But it was a lot of fun.

Tim came home with a crab ring a few days ago, which is basically kind of like a fruit basket that hangs up--there is a mesh bottom that is a big ring, some mesh sides that slope in to connect to a smaller ring at the top.
Folded up it looks like this:

Stretched out sort of like this (images stolen from the internet)

And it lays flat on the bottom of whatever waterway you are fishing and the crabs theoretically walk on it (you put bait in there, we put in a whole chicken) and then once there in there you pull up the whole thing and voila, crabs.

We went to a place called Whalen Island which has a short bridge that you cross to get to the island--we have seen people crabbing and fishing there before. We went at the turning of the tide, as suggested by the Internet, and we took chairs and books and dogs and Fritos and settled in for two hours outside.

For Dungeness, the crabs have to be mail and about six inches across. There is a limit of 14. You can also catch any size red rock crabs. To the left is one of our catches (yes it went back in) and to the right you can see our set up. Basically, this was not 'The Deadliest Catch' and after two hours we packed it in, although it was certainly fun to anticipate that some day we might have some crabs. 

Yesterday was not that day. All that we caught were too small, and fell out of the net as we pulled it up. Oh well.

After about an hour, a fisherman drove by and gave up his salmon carcasses and said they were good bait---we kind of got our hopes up that those might attract more crab but all they attracted were seagulls.

But it was a fun day. 

Fox and Phlox

This is a design by Hook, Line and Tinker that I found at a Corvallis needlework store, and it is so sweet. It will be part of my fall display.

I did change the three hanging hoops yesterday from some summery ones to these, which are a bit more late summer:

The Fox and Phlox will go up here eventually. I had to buy some more hoops!

Morning visitors

We have seen this doe with her two fawns often, and were happy to see her (and them) again today. This group often hangs out with another mom and child, which is always charming to see.

I know a lot of people hate deer but I love them.


KSD said...

Fun! Tim looks so happy.

Tired Teacher said...

Fishing and patience seem to go hand in hand. Wishing you luck on your next venture

rosy said...

Ooh! Nothing like fresh caught crab. A chap use to live almost on the beach where we holiday in Cornwall and that was his line! We would often buy from him but he retired and moved away. Good luck next time! It does look like fun though. (And how lovely are the deer!!)

DelightedHands said...

How interesting to be able to catch those crabs! I would to eat some!
The fox embroidery is incredible--great job on that one; wow!

Vera said...

Oh how I love that little fox embroidery! The crabbing looks like fun - hopefully your patience will pay off in the future. Nothing wrong with sitting by the water with a book and waiting for a crab to walk into your net!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Aaah... crabbing... Brings back childhood memories. We spent summers on a tidal river and we'd hunt for crabs almost daily. We pulled them off the pier pilings though. The teens would have crab pots out in the river that they collected daily. Fun times! Sorry you didn't catch anything.