Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Retreat Knitting

I just got home from our faculty retreat, which is a seven=hour Groundshog Day event where we rehash the same things we have rehashed in every faculty meeting since the dawn of time.

But I got some good knitting done:

This is the Silver Storm or somesuch name cowl from Casapinka. It's basically knit a whole lot, then drop stitches, and close it up.

I like the colors a lot. I wish I knew what yarn it was to share with you.

In other news: I had a good trip to the oral surgeon and the wheels are turning to get my tooth implant implant-ed. I don't have to have another bone graft so yay!

My head hurts, so more soon.


Kym said...

Re-hasing retreats always make my head ache. Hope you're feeling better! XO

Tired Teacher said...

I've attended more than my share of the rehashing meetings! Glad you were able to knit to keep your sanity.

Bridget said...

Why are so many meetings nothing but rehash? Turn it into actual hash and you could feed most if not all of the starving.

My implant is finally finished, after a bit more than a year. This last part was the easiest, though my mouth still feels like someone stuck a boulder into it - not painful, just aware of something where the empty space was for so long.

Good luck!

DelightedHands said...

Glad the meeting is over for now--you will feel better after the oral surgeon appt is behind you, too. I'm glad there will be no bone transplant--that sure would complicate things!

KSD said...

If I could have figured out a way to knit while I lectured, I would have. Knitting in meetings was absolutely necessary.

Hang in there.

Vera said...

Oh those Groundhog Meetings are the most awful things! I feel like I could just stand up and scream at many points during them. My head would hurt too.

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Groundhogs Day meetings are miserable! Hope your head feels better and I'm happy to hear you don't need another bone graft.

rosy said...

Good show about the implant!
And. Crikey! (that's a true English 1950s schoolboy expression haha) Knitting AND listening to a 'talk'. I can't do that ~ I would get distracted.