Thursday, September 12, 2019

Road Warrior

It has been a busy few days. Wednesday I left the coast at 9:30, drove to Eugene, got lunch, did a few things around the house, then picked up my frolleague Deb at 2:30 and we drove up to Portland for an event starting at 5. It ended around 7:30 and we drove back to Eugene. I got home at 9:30 and then stayed up talking to Tim and reading. Woke up at 2:30 am thinking how quiet it was (no ocean!) and then woke up again at 5 and then at 6. Just got up then and then piddled about and left the house at 8:20. Got gas, had a bit of OCD and had to come back to the house to check on something, went through McDonald's (don't judge, I didn't have dinner last night) and then got back to the coast.

I was part of a panel talking about purpose driven marketing. I'm the woman with the short blonde hair. To my right is my buddy Doug, who is a writer for an advertising trade publication. To my left first is Mary, who does marketing for a crunchy grocery store, Keith who does marketing for a hoity toity wine company, and my buddy Russ who runs an agency. We had a good talk and a good audience.

I don't know why my hands are like that.

I finished "Confessions of a Bookseller" and liked it, it was much like "Diary of a Bookseller" with a few new characters.

I finished "The Grammarians" and liked it OK.  I have tried to like Cathleen Schine books before and often didn't finish them, so yay I finished one?

It seems like I read more than that but I can't figure out what.

I'm kind of tired.



Tim is making them for dinner.

More when I'm a bit more awake!


DelightedHands said...

Love the new embroidery!!! Cool that you had a good panel time!

kathy b said...

Oh my goodness. No Wonder you are tired. And McDonalds is always fine! Your embroidery is always perfection. I love this one TOO. I think you'd be great on a panel

Vera said...

Nice embroidery and nice socks on Doug and Keith - lol.

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Love the embroidery. Can't get over how much difference a few more red stitches made. The red really pops!

rosy said...

Phew! Exhausted just reading about your days. I'm sure the embroidery ushered in a sense of calm, however. It's beautiful.