Saturday, September 07, 2019

Saturday Q and A

From Kathy!

*Do you think of yourself as a worrier or as risk averse?  I am definitely a worrier.
*Do others call you a worry wort? I have been called that, yes.

*Do you consider yourself brave in any particular circumstance? I can be brave---I was scared to death to go rafting over a 22 foot high waterfall in New Zealand four years ago but I went ahead and did it anyway. 
*Do you fear: a)running out of yarn that is no longer available b)giving a gift and hearing it unraveled or c)having to confess how large your stash is? I am afraid of a and c. I have stopped giving knits as gifts to anyone other than Tim and I can fix his unravels!
*Are you afraid of air travel? I am not so afraid of it that I won't do it. 
*Do you fear a hand injury ? Well I hadn't really thought about it but now I do.
*This one is quite personal, feel free to skip it: Did you ever fear you were pregnant?  Nope.
*Were you afraid of a something as a child?  (the dark, etc) I was afraid of almost everything as a child.
*Do you fear having to get a shot? Yes yes yes yes yes.
*Are you afraid of sharks, jellyfish or coral in the ocean? Definitely not afraid of coral. I'm not afraid of sharks or jellyfish but I would prefer not to encounter them.


KSD said...

Okay, the Twinness is in full reverse here. Or maybe that's what twins do --- balance each other out?

DelightedHands said...

the things you learn on one of Kathy's Q and A's!
Afraid of shots and a worrier--who knew!
You are bravely standing in front of college kids all year--that's bravery all right! lol