Monday, September 09, 2019

Weekend is a Wrap

We have one last 'summer' weekend in the coast house--we'll be back in the fall, but we can definitely feeling the change of seasons. It was a rainy day yesterday and it rained HARD last night, and I think we'll have a few more sunny days. 

Tiny needle work

Off by a day for TNT but here is the most recent one:

It needs a few more red accents and this will be a 'deep winter' one,  I think.

Munsen Falls

We had a few little adventures this weekend, starting with Munsen Falls. This is about a half hour drive from our house, and a 10 minute hike to see them.

The falls are really high, and given this was the end of summer, they weren't very strong. We'll come back in the winter. They were beautiful!

On the beach

We walked the dogs on the beach, and this was happening.
Woman in a long blue formal dress riding a horse. What you don't see are all the wranglers as well as several dogs--I think this was a photo shoot.

Also on the beach

I know these signs delight some of you.

And I made a thing

I often forget to look 'both ways' when exiting our driveway to the street. Our street is a rutted mess of rocks and maybe five people drive down it a day, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't check to make sure someone is coming (I can see people coming from the North very clearly, not so much from the south).

So I made a sign to remind me to look both ways.

It is the same as the 'sneaker wave' sign, so that amuses me greatly.

Hope your weekend was great!


Tired Teacher said...

It's wise to look especially if there are any electric cars in your neighborhood: they are practically silent and seem to come out of nowhere.

KSD said...

The TNT is lovely. Working on cloth of a different color is always good.

Vera said...

Oh I want to know what the photo shoot was all about! Love your TNT - very pretty. The sneaker wave cracks me up.

rosy said...

Oh I LOVE that little stitching ~ lovely colours!
The sign made me smile too

kayT said...

OK, what do you think "near driftwood" means under "prohibited activities"?

Kym said...

Okay. Really enjoying those signs. Like . . . maybe a little bit too much. I think my favorite is the incoming tides sign . . . although I also find great delight in the log sign and, of course, the "sneaker wave." (Oh, thank you for posting the signs. Little things like that just provide me with so much joy.) It sounds like you had a great weekend! XO

Kim in Oregon said...

kayT--there's a fire there (a campfire). No campfires near driftwood.

Kim in Oregon said...

And I think most of these signs are really meaning to say "Go Away Californians!"

kathy b said...

What's sneaker wave?? Having just returned from big Lake Superior and learning about 6,000 ship wrecks there since history has recorded them, I don't want any waves!!! Calm waters please. SO thrilled they got all the men off the ship that sank in Georgia. Kim, I love your stitching so much ! The colored backgrounds make them so much prettier than a white or ecru background , to me!

DelightedHands said...

That would be a very cool sight with the lady on the horse, etc!!!!
I know longer just look left, right , left at intersections--I repeat it again because it takes longer to search out all of the information!!! lol