Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Almost done

Just a few more stitches and this one will be complete. Oh look, I timed Tiny Needle Tuesday correctly!

Sunday while we were still on the coast we took a hike up the dune. And somehow, I took lovely photos and then deleted them all except this one:

which isn't even that good. But it was a beautiful day. Trust me!

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Crafting time

One fun thing about coming out to the coast is to be able to spend quality time with my Silhouette. Unfortunately, it started messing up this weekend--the roller bar seems very finicky. It is still under warranty so hopefully this will all get fixed.

But there were some things made:

A few birthday cards:

And some (a lot actually) of stickers:

There was a bit of knitting:

That ends up kind of matching a sunset:

Friday, October 25, 2019

Friday Free for All

I"m sitting in front of a lovely fire having a lovely cup of lovely half-decaf coffee and just finished a piece of work I thought would take three hours but only took 15 minutes hooray! Let's look at some pictures!

New stitching

This will be my last holiday one for a while--I have another one by this same designer (a deer's head and greenery) in the same colors, and so I'll hang these two and one of holly as part of a grouping. And then I have a 'winter but not Christmas' group as well.

Fall Wall
I hung the 'fall group' this morning:


It was beautiful. The sun is setting much farther south than the last time we were here.

Tim thinks our limbed trees look like palm trees!

Hope all is lovely in your part of the world

Thursday, October 24, 2019

What do I see?

Or to say another way, what do I SEA?

We had two trees taken out and two trees limbed, and now we have a much more panoramic view of the ocean. I got here early this afternoon, and Tim is coming out after a meeting in Salem. The view is really nice right now. Here is a little video of a plane taking off (the plane is white, and it is kind of hard to see).

I'm so glad I"m here---I've had a bad week of stupid stuff at work and while it continues, it is much nicer to deal with them from here than from there.

Two quick things to tell you:

1. Thank you for the kind words about the tooth stuff. There's minimal pain and hopefully all will heal well.

2. I am doing the half caf/half decaf thing to reduce my caffeine. As soon as I run out of the current bag of caf I'll go all decaf. So far so good.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

It only hurts when I smile

Today was implant day, and the procedure went well. It kind of hurts a bit, but I haven't taken any of the 'real' drugs but I have taken ibuprofin and Tylenol. It hurts a bit and I'm kind of taking a day off--hanging out on the sofa with the dogs and the knitting and such.

Speaking of knitting, here is what the Crown Wools looks like now:

I love it!

Sunday, October 20, 2019

A Walk in the Woods

Today we took the dogs to Dorris Ranch, a 'living history' farm which is not very lively and not very historic. But it is a farm--it is a working filbert farm that has a sprinkling of old buildings and old farm machinery placed around it. The best part is that you can walk through the woods to the river, and walk along the river before you head back to the ranch.

Filberts not in Oregon are known as hazelnuts.

It was gloomy but the trees were pretty, Doesn't this look like a little secret path?

Close up:
We usually don't get very colorful falls here, but the trees were pretty (and are even prettier when enhanced by iPhone filters):

Tim points to something interesting here:

People hide painted rocks in Oregon (or maybe just in Eugene/Springfield). This one was hiding in plain sight:

Kind of fun for Halloween, unless there is some weird symbolism I don't understand.

We also found a pair of drum sticks, just sitting on a log.

Doesn't this look like an owl is watching us?

It wasn't an owl, it just a hunk of bark.

There's a longhouse that is used for kid's visits (I guess--I peeked in and there are a lot of craft materials and bowls of acorns sitting around).

Here we are.

It was a lovely visit.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Rainy Saturday

We're due for a rainy weekend here, so there should be plenty of time for crafting. I don't really have a compelling book to read but luckily that is what football is for.

I've worked a bit more on the Crown Wools:

I'm on the fifth section (I think there are either 12 or 14, probably 14, and I think the colors I picked out are playing nicely together). As you can see, I'm kind of mixing up the 'order' based on what I think looks best adjacent to one another.

Here's a bit of a close up of the two most recently patterns:

The one on the farthest right is kind of a fake lace, which is kind of a fun pattern for people who don't like lace (me). It is worked over four stitches. On the first two stitches, you P2tog, k2tog, P2tog all in the same two stitches (2 turns into 3 stitches). On the next two stitches, you P2tog then K2tog and then slip the second stitch on the right needle over the first stitch. So that turns 2 into 1, and total is 4 stitches (3+1_. I like it!

I also liked the wavy one but it is kind of fiddly lace.

We went to the symphony on Thursday--the centerpiece was Mahler's "Titan" symphony. Apparently a lot of people don't like Mahler. I like Mahler, and really like three of the four movements of Titan (third movement, not so much). 

I think I've mentioned that we're doing yoga, yes? It is going well, and it seems fairly simple to fit in a half hour practice a few times a week. I've also made the decision to cut back on caffeine. I'm not happy about this but I think it is time. It starts on Monday. Wish me luck!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Off my crafting game

I've been a bit off my crafting game--I think since we've been back, things have just been--off kilter a bit? A bunch of little things that disrupt the routine--a routine I really didn't get a handle on since we've been back and the term started. 

Tuesday, Tim was at work in Corvallis (half an hour north-west of here) and called at the end of the day to say that the guy who is cutting down trees on the coast for us was going to be able to do that on Wednesday. Tim wanted to be there, so he drove out to the house after work Tuesday, and so I had to adjust a few things here so the dogs were 'covered' on Wednesday. He got home about 9 last night--some of the trees came down, but the winds picked up and so they couldn't get the ones we wanted taken all the way down removed.  The forecast is for it to be a bit less windy today but still 'breezy'. We'll see what happens.

But, I did get this little stuffie done.
Here it is still on the hoop:

And here it is after I sewed it together and stuffed it:

It's pretty cute, but it wasn't the most fun I had embroidering. But it is always good to try new things.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

More of the Crown Wools

I worked a lot on the Crown Wools this past weekend, it seemed well suited to my current knitting headspace (which has been, dare I say, a bit BORED with knitting?) and it has reawakened my knitting mojo.

It is so bathed in gold in this photo, isn't it? I wonder if I hit on a weird filter. Anyway, the patterns are pretty simple to memorize, it is somewhat meditative to knit, and just when I get bored with a section then a new one pops up.

I finished the third section and I'm about a third of the way done wit the fourth. Here is a close up of those two sections:

Sometimes these 'big' Casapinka patterns have been too--familiar maybe?--for me, meaning I had knit the patterns on a project of her's before, but so far these are all new and fun.

I finished the book "The Ninth House" over the weekend--if you like urban fantasy and books about Things that Happen at Ivy League Schools (or boarding schools) you might want to give this one a try. It isn't the next "The Secret History" and it starts out kind of strangely but if you stick with it for a bit you might like it.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Finally Saturday

It seems like later in the term than it should be, as it has been busy and somewhat filled with stupid work stuff, but I guess that is life. Yesterday was also a bit stressful because my car had to go in for a little love--when we drove out to the coast last weekend we found that the passenger side floor got soaked. There are multiple reasons for this, ranging from the easy fix (AC tube gets blocked) to the hard fix (sunroof  and a million other things). Luckily this was the easy fix, so it is now fine, and I got an early oil change while it was in so the car should be fine through the winter.

Crown Wools
I finished the second section during the Friday night Ducks game.

Here it is close up with the two different patterns. I kind of wonked up the lace but noticed it too late.I think it looks ok, especially from the distance.

There are twelve sections so I'm one-sixth of the way done!

I started a new little embroidery project. It is actually meant to be a little doll--there's a 'backing' piece and stuffing included in the project.

I may have seen this on My Modern Met? But I'm not sure.

The design is from Kiriki  Press which is a new-to-me designer who makes mostly 3D patterns. They are very cute, imho, and they range from easy to hard, which is also nice.

This llama has a new (to me) stitch to me, couching, which is covering up a long length of yarn with little stitches to hold it down. It's a bit fiddly but I like it.

That is probably all from here. Have a great weeked!

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Wednesdays are for weirdness

I know it is Thursday, but yesterday was Wednesday and it was weird. I am always a bit off balance when Tim is out of town, and I didn't get a lot of sleep Tuesday night. My phone rang fairly early Wednesday morning, followed by an email from Barclay--could I call them to confirm a few purchases?

It turns on my credit card was hacked, and I don't know what kind of magical algorithm Barclay uses but I am so happy they have it. There were more than $4000 in charges on Wednesday morning, so we cancelled my card. Then I had to go in and change all the recurring payments that are based on the card. I think I got them all, and I'm sure I'll hear about the ones I missed. So it was just an inconvenience that made Wednesday weird.

Thursday is better so far. I slept well and got up early; the dogs and I did a sunrise walk.

It looks like the sun coming up but it is really lights along a highway (I think). It was pretty. I came home and did some yoga and now I'm drinking coffee and talking to you!

Crown Wools

Oh I just figured out what this pattern name means---it is a play on 'Crown Jewels'. DOH! It was a good project for yesterday since I was a bit brain dread.

 Oof this one is blurry,isn't it? It's a rectangula shawl even though it doesn't look like it there.  Here's a close up:

There's a little bit of texture on this which is hard to see. So these photos are a disaster. Sorry!

This guy is done though.

I really like this one. It will look good hanging with the "I am the sea" one and the whale one. I need to frame my Christmas ones too!

That's it from here!

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

A little more Speckle Tonic

Every so often I get in a lace-knitting mood and haul out Speckle Tonic.

It doesn't photograph well because it is now at the 'big' stage that is--well--hard to photograph, and the lace part is in navy blue and that doesn't photograph well either. Oh well! It is going along. It will get there.

I also cast on for the Crown Wools with those four rose colors but only have a wee bit done.

Yesterday was a busy day, class, two appointments, and trying to find something interesting in some data that I collected (that isn't going well). Today looks like a rainy rainy day---I got the dogs out for a good walk already. Tim is off to Portland for a conference so it will just be me and the animals for a few days.

I did a chakra-balancing yoga workout (for the first chakra) and it was hard. I need to find some intermediate yoga workouts before I move onto chakra balancing!

Hope it is a good day for you!

Sunday, October 06, 2019

Rain rain sun sun

It has been a gorgeous fall weekend on the coast, after a very rainy Thursday and Friday.

Saturday we took the dogs for a walk in the morning, and then we went to the Beach Work for lunch. Came home and Tim finished a poster for a conference next week, and then we took the dogs for another walk. We started out on a 15-minute walk that we usually do, then I suggested adding on another ten minutes to walk down to the dairy and look at the cows and horses. THEN when we got to the dairy, Tim said 'should we do the big loop?'

In our little fishing village, there is one road that follows the Nestucca River (which loops through our town) to the dairy, and then all away around through the village, and then out to Highway 101.
From our house on Salal Lane, we walked North, the headed Northwest toward 'Woods" then South to Pacific City, then back on Brooten Road to where it turns back up to our neighborhood. It took about 75 minutes, and it was really fun to walk by all the places where we drive by so often.

Saturday evening was football and stitching:

This is a fun one!

Saturday, October 05, 2019

The heel is turned

I'm on the second 'Socks on a Plane' for Tim, and the heel is turned, so this is getting close to being done.

These are 'mirrored' socks done in Knit Picks tweedy something, and they are very soft, and hopefully they will wear well. I've been knitting socks for Tim long enough that the 'early' ones are starting to wear out. It makes us sad to say goodbye to them and I have patched a few but hand knit socks don't seem to be made to last more than 12 or 15 years (can't really remember how long I've been knitting, so it is an estimate).


I finished "The Victorian and the Romantic' which was written by Nell Stevens who also wrote "Bleaker House". It is kind of extension of Bleaker House, memoir-wise, but also a sort of novelization of the Victorian author Mrs. Gaskell (Elizabeth Gaskell's) time in Rome. I kind of knew the name Mrs. Gaskell in the back of my head, and we've been watching "North and South" until we got a bit bored of it, but I really had no idea how prominent she was. She also wrote 'Cranford' which I get confused with "Lark Rise to Candleford" but maybe I should try reading Cranford--or Wives and Daughters--anyway, it was pretty interesting.

Now I'm reading a somewhat silly novel called "The High Season" about life on the "North Fork" of Long Island during the summer. It is pretty engaging but not very deep, if that makes any sense.

Back to Yoga
I am always interested in reading my blog friends takes on exercise. I walk a lot, but that shouldn't be the only thing I do. I have taken yoga classes but I find that sometimes they are too long for me (I get kind of bored, sorry yoga people) and the times are kind of awkward for me for most of the classes around here. I did take some private lessons last winter and so feel pretty confident about many poses. So I found a set of yoga videos on Amazon prime and have started doing them--they're half an hour which is just right for me, and I can always do two if I want a longer practice.

I've started doing the anxiety practice from this set: https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B06XNNPKJM/ref=atv_hm_hom_1_c_iEgOEZ_2_1

And because I'm all about the chakra balancing, I want to try these too: https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B06XRRWMQM/ref=atv_hm_hom_1_c_iEgOEZ_2_2

I'll let you know how those later ones go.

Pumpkin Bread
I made pumpkin bread yesterday and forgot to take a picture, but it came out really nice and light.  I used this recipe if you're looking for a good one.

Want to read something I wrote?
A study I did on CVS and Dove's "no photoshopping seal" (I bet you didn't know they had no photoshopping seals!) just got published. It is less 'academic-y' than a lot of academic journal articles, and it is available for free for about a month, so if you want to read something I wrote it is here: https://muse.jhu.edu/article/734582
There are lots of pictures.

Enjoy the weekend!

Friday, October 04, 2019

Stitches: dropped

I have knit the Silver Storm by Casapinka before, but one thing I forgot: there are lots of stitches to be dropped (40%) which means at the end of the day, a huge hunk of knitting just goes away.

It makes me a bit sad, to be honest.

 Here is a close up:

This is now soaked and blocked and drying on the back porch,

Thursday, October 03, 2019

Deep breaths

This is one of the few weekends (maybe the only one) where we have nothing scheduled on a Thursday and Friday, so here we are on the coast.

It's only been two weeks but the weather has definitely turned---it was cool in the house when we got here around 7:30 last night (we leave it at 61) and we immediately built a fire. It felt great! We also took a sauna last night and that helped warm us up. It is lovely to be back and it was especially nice to drive out with Tim--the summer was all solo trips and while the animals were great company, Tim is much better. It was quite cozy with all of us--both dogs, the bird and Jessie cat--but we all were fine on the trip.

The car, though, now has water on the passenger side which is apparently some type of back up from condensation, so we'll have to get that taken care of next week.

Ready for a drop stitch!

I knit on this during the trip out and it is now ready to drop some stitches on the next round.  Stay tuned!

The Orca
Well, the orca embroidery didn't work out--I soaked off the paper and the satin stitch on the orca was not thick enough--you could see through it so it looked like a skeleton of an orca.  The waves didn't look that great either. I have a plan on how to redo it, so I will try again.

That's it from the coast!

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Happy October! A Blog full of Pretty Things is Coming Your Way!

Happy October! Rosy asked in the comments yesterday about the adjective form of Fall (autumn=autumnal, e.g.). Would it be Fallish? I'm not sure. What do you think?

Prizes arrived yesterday, courtesy of my Twinnie Kim and her Knitters Hunk/Chick contest. I nominated Lin-Manuel Miranda who did very well in the contest. Anyway, the prizes are amazing! Thanks Twinnie! We begin with a card illustrating Jessie in the car.

There was some beautiful yarn

Needles and stitch markers

 A row counter bracelet which I'm sure I'll be too uncoordinated to use but I'll give it a try.

Gift Tags!

A little pouch to put things in!

An adorable green alpaca key chain!

I think these are erasers? 

Tiny little post it notes

 And a pattern book, filled with icy looking Scandinavian women!

It was a delightful package!

I popped out to the farm with a bag of apples yesterday.

It was a pretty day but COLD!

October ifsfor Organizing!

Here are the bits and bobs of embroidery floss, organized by color. I'm doing a few of my own designs (meaning stealing an image and doing it in embroidery) and these little bits will come in handy (and honestly, these are probably half-hanks of floss.

I love how pretty the colors are.

That's it from here!