Sunday, October 20, 2019

A Walk in the Woods

Today we took the dogs to Dorris Ranch, a 'living history' farm which is not very lively and not very historic. But it is a farm--it is a working filbert farm that has a sprinkling of old buildings and old farm machinery placed around it. The best part is that you can walk through the woods to the river, and walk along the river before you head back to the ranch.

Filberts not in Oregon are known as hazelnuts.

It was gloomy but the trees were pretty, Doesn't this look like a little secret path?

Close up:
We usually don't get very colorful falls here, but the trees were pretty (and are even prettier when enhanced by iPhone filters):

Tim points to something interesting here:

People hide painted rocks in Oregon (or maybe just in Eugene/Springfield). This one was hiding in plain sight:

Kind of fun for Halloween, unless there is some weird symbolism I don't understand.

We also found a pair of drum sticks, just sitting on a log.

Doesn't this look like an owl is watching us?

It wasn't an owl, it just a hunk of bark.

There's a longhouse that is used for kid's visits (I guess--I peeked in and there are a lot of craft materials and bowls of acorns sitting around).

Here we are.

It was a lovely visit.


DelightedHands said...

Nice walk--love the pics, thanks! I was positive that was an owl in the tree knot! lol

Tired Teacher said...

Great selfie!

Kym said...

What a lovely place for a quiet walk! My favorite photo . . . is the one of the two of you! :-)

kathy b said...

I totally thought was a n owl in the tree? Wait . it wasn't?

You two look great. Thanks for taking me on the walk