Thursday, October 03, 2019

Deep breaths

This is one of the few weekends (maybe the only one) where we have nothing scheduled on a Thursday and Friday, so here we are on the coast.

It's only been two weeks but the weather has definitely turned---it was cool in the house when we got here around 7:30 last night (we leave it at 61) and we immediately built a fire. It felt great! We also took a sauna last night and that helped warm us up. It is lovely to be back and it was especially nice to drive out with Tim--the summer was all solo trips and while the animals were great company, Tim is much better. It was quite cozy with all of us--both dogs, the bird and Jessie cat--but we all were fine on the trip.

The car, though, now has water on the passenger side which is apparently some type of back up from condensation, so we'll have to get that taken care of next week.

Ready for a drop stitch!

I knit on this during the trip out and it is now ready to drop some stitches on the next round.  Stay tuned!

The Orca
Well, the orca embroidery didn't work out--I soaked off the paper and the satin stitch on the orca was not thick enough--you could see through it so it looked like a skeleton of an orca.  The waves didn't look that great either. I have a plan on how to redo it, so I will try again.

That's it from the coast!


Kym said...


kathy b said...

Oh how wonderful that you can go out there to your haven together now! I want to see those dropped stitches ! Wheeee! they make such a difference

Bridget said...

I'm guessing it will be a good weekend for you. Frankly, anytime I am near a fireplace, firepit, or the like, I think it's relaxing.

DelightedHands said...

How nice to travel together! My DH and I have had nothing but solo trips the last six weeks and I am ready to see him for a while-uninterrupted! lol
Sorry about the orca--you will work it out!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Glad you got to make the trip together this time. I'm a little jealous of the need for a fire. Today's temperature is 20 degrees cooler than yesterday, but still way too warm for a fire. Can't wait to see how the knitting progresses. Sorry it didn't work out but the whale skeleton sounds interesting. :)