Friday, October 25, 2019

Friday Free for All

I"m sitting in front of a lovely fire having a lovely cup of lovely half-decaf coffee and just finished a piece of work I thought would take three hours but only took 15 minutes hooray! Let's look at some pictures!

New stitching

This will be my last holiday one for a while--I have another one by this same designer (a deer's head and greenery) in the same colors, and so I'll hang these two and one of holly as part of a grouping. And then I have a 'winter but not Christmas' group as well.

Fall Wall
I hung the 'fall group' this morning:


It was beautiful. The sun is setting much farther south than the last time we were here.

Tim thinks our limbed trees look like palm trees!

Hope all is lovely in your part of the world


KSD said...

I always want to embroider when you show your projects. Does this make you the Evil Twin?

Kym said...

Isn't it a pleasant surprise when our tasks take LESS time than expected???? I love your stitching -- and your sunsets. XO

DelightedHands said...

Very pretty stitching! The palm tree look works for me!