Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Happy October! A Blog full of Pretty Things is Coming Your Way!

Happy October! Rosy asked in the comments yesterday about the adjective form of Fall (autumn=autumnal, e.g.). Would it be Fallish? I'm not sure. What do you think?

Prizes arrived yesterday, courtesy of my Twinnie Kim and her Knitters Hunk/Chick contest. I nominated Lin-Manuel Miranda who did very well in the contest. Anyway, the prizes are amazing! Thanks Twinnie! We begin with a card illustrating Jessie in the car.

There was some beautiful yarn

Needles and stitch markers

 A row counter bracelet which I'm sure I'll be too uncoordinated to use but I'll give it a try.

Gift Tags!

A little pouch to put things in!

An adorable green alpaca key chain!

I think these are erasers? 

Tiny little post it notes

 And a pattern book, filled with icy looking Scandinavian women!

It was a delightful package!

I popped out to the farm with a bag of apples yesterday.

It was a pretty day but COLD!

October ifsfor Organizing!

Here are the bits and bobs of embroidery floss, organized by color. I'm doing a few of my own designs (meaning stealing an image and doing it in embroidery) and these little bits will come in handy (and honestly, these are probably half-hanks of floss.

I love how pretty the colors are.

That's it from here!


Tired Teacher said...

Fall can be an adjective: Fall colors, Fall weather/temperatures, etc. Love the prize package you received!

DelightedHands said...

Fantastic prize--good for you! I like the word Fall-like or Fallish--they work for me!

Kym said...

Wow! THAT is quite a prize package!!! What a fun mail day for you! :-) Those alpacas are so darn cute.

rosy said...

Oh! All those lovely things in your package! You will enjoy it so much . . .
And how marvellous to find an alpaca key ring. You must have more alpacas out there? Quite rare to see one here ~ I had to google to find one nearby to take my grandchildren a couple of summers ago. They are darling animals.

rosy said...

I am now struggling with a suitable adjective for fall! Thinking cap: ON!

rosy said...

Fall-some!?? That'll have to do. Honestly! I have Things to Do . . . .