Saturday, October 05, 2019

The heel is turned

I'm on the second 'Socks on a Plane' for Tim, and the heel is turned, so this is getting close to being done.

These are 'mirrored' socks done in Knit Picks tweedy something, and they are very soft, and hopefully they will wear well. I've been knitting socks for Tim long enough that the 'early' ones are starting to wear out. It makes us sad to say goodbye to them and I have patched a few but hand knit socks don't seem to be made to last more than 12 or 15 years (can't really remember how long I've been knitting, so it is an estimate).


I finished "The Victorian and the Romantic' which was written by Nell Stevens who also wrote "Bleaker House". It is kind of extension of Bleaker House, memoir-wise, but also a sort of novelization of the Victorian author Mrs. Gaskell (Elizabeth Gaskell's) time in Rome. I kind of knew the name Mrs. Gaskell in the back of my head, and we've been watching "North and South" until we got a bit bored of it, but I really had no idea how prominent she was. She also wrote 'Cranford' which I get confused with "Lark Rise to Candleford" but maybe I should try reading Cranford--or Wives and Daughters--anyway, it was pretty interesting.

Now I'm reading a somewhat silly novel called "The High Season" about life on the "North Fork" of Long Island during the summer. It is pretty engaging but not very deep, if that makes any sense.

Back to Yoga
I am always interested in reading my blog friends takes on exercise. I walk a lot, but that shouldn't be the only thing I do. I have taken yoga classes but I find that sometimes they are too long for me (I get kind of bored, sorry yoga people) and the times are kind of awkward for me for most of the classes around here. I did take some private lessons last winter and so feel pretty confident about many poses. So I found a set of yoga videos on Amazon prime and have started doing them--they're half an hour which is just right for me, and I can always do two if I want a longer practice.

I've started doing the anxiety practice from this set:

And because I'm all about the chakra balancing, I want to try these too:

I'll let you know how those later ones go.

Pumpkin Bread
I made pumpkin bread yesterday and forgot to take a picture, but it came out really nice and light.  I used this recipe if you're looking for a good one.

Want to read something I wrote?
A study I did on CVS and Dove's "no photoshopping seal" (I bet you didn't know they had no photoshopping seals!) just got published. It is less 'academic-y' than a lot of academic journal articles, and it is available for free for about a month, so if you want to read something I wrote it is here:
There are lots of pictures.

Enjoy the weekend!


kathy b said...


you know how to write a readable paper that's for sure. The graphs the seals, the commentary....all fascinating. I always trusted those seals...typical gullible me!
I share the article with Al as she may have use for it in her final semester of grad school for Library Science.


Tired Teacher said...

I had to reflect on how long my hand-knit socks have been worn and loved. I'd guess your estimate of 12+ years is about right. Interesting article. Thanks for sharing the link.

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Isn't it amazing how much longer hand knit socks last? I find most of mine wear out between 13 & 15 years while store bought socks last maybe one. Perhaps it's because we take better care of the hand knitted ones but still - that's a big difference.

DelightedHands said...

I still have socks I made 20+ years ago! I don't wear through them but my daughter only gets a few years before she busts through the bottom of the heel!
Fun to read the article....

rosy said...

Oh Kim! You MUST read Cranford. We read it in Year 8 English class (that's the year we have our 13th birthdays) and I loved it even then.
And, if you can, do see if you can get the BBC series ~ Judi Dench, Julia McKenzie, Imelda Staunton and I think Eileen Atkins. Possibly the man who plays the butler in Downton?? Wonderful. I would be tempted to watch it now if I hadn't lent it to my bro!