Thursday, October 10, 2019

Wednesdays are for weirdness

I know it is Thursday, but yesterday was Wednesday and it was weird. I am always a bit off balance when Tim is out of town, and I didn't get a lot of sleep Tuesday night. My phone rang fairly early Wednesday morning, followed by an email from Barclay--could I call them to confirm a few purchases?

It turns on my credit card was hacked, and I don't know what kind of magical algorithm Barclay uses but I am so happy they have it. There were more than $4000 in charges on Wednesday morning, so we cancelled my card. Then I had to go in and change all the recurring payments that are based on the card. I think I got them all, and I'm sure I'll hear about the ones I missed. So it was just an inconvenience that made Wednesday weird.

Thursday is better so far. I slept well and got up early; the dogs and I did a sunrise walk.

It looks like the sun coming up but it is really lights along a highway (I think). It was pretty. I came home and did some yoga and now I'm drinking coffee and talking to you!

Crown Wools

Oh I just figured out what this pattern name means---it is a play on 'Crown Jewels'. DOH! It was a good project for yesterday since I was a bit brain dread.

 Oof this one is blurry,isn't it? It's a rectangula shawl even though it doesn't look like it there.  Here's a close up:

There's a little bit of texture on this which is hard to see. So these photos are a disaster. Sorry!

This guy is done though.

I really like this one. It will look good hanging with the "I am the sea" one and the whale one. I need to frame my Christmas ones too!

That's it from here!


Tired Teacher said...

It's a panic to receive those calls about credit purchases. Glad it was caught before any damage could be done.

Love the lighthouse!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

So sorry your credit card got hacked. I had mine hacked 3 times in a 60 day period once, and one of the times was before I'd even received the new card. It was a massive hassle but luckily my bank noticed it each time before I did. I was even able to have a little fun with the bank dude talking about my fabulous life of travel since I'd been purchasing things in Brazil, Mexico and France all on the same day. :)
Love the colors in the new shawl. Can't wait to see how it progresses.

DelightedHands said...

It is so irritating when you hacked on any front=what a hassle but so glad they caught it for you in time to do repairs!
Nice work on the embroidery--it will make a good collection when displayed!

kathy b said...

Oh Kim! Im glad you have the dogs with you. I'd want that if Fireman was not here each night. You know we just had our checking hacked. Im sorry. I think it correlates with new iPhone debut. Im going to watch next time to see if there is a trend.