Friday, November 08, 2019

Another quick post

Today is the 25th's anniversary celebration of our Doctoral Program and for some reason we have to have an all-day event of people talking to celebrate it. I have to do a short talk on a panel about the future of media studies research (which, given I'm going to retire soon, I don't care about) so I'm hopefully going to sit i the back and get some 'real' work done.

The only good thing is that a few of my former students will be back for it, and it will be nice to see them (most of the ones I really care about will not come, but I talk to them a lot anyway).  One of my favorites, Kati, came in Wednesday and yesterday I took her to meet some special people.

She was a little tentative at the start but then made friends with them all.

I've done a little work on the 10th section of the Crown Wools. I think I'll focus on this for a while and get 'er done.

The section I'm working on is a fun smooshy stitch. I'll write more about it when I can catch my breath!

Finally, we've been watching a UK series on YouTube called "The Great Pottery Throwdown" which is basically the Great British Baking Show with potters. Tim is a potter (and I know how to throw on a wheel but I'm horrible at it) and it is pretty fun. I'm wondering though if you know nothing about pottery if it would make any sense at all.


Vera said...

That shawl is just lovely! Hope you get through the celebration without dozing (which is what I would do for sure!).

DelightedHands said...

Beautiful animals....
Enjoy the focused knitting!

Bridget said...

Oh I would love to meet - and pet - the alpacas!