Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Let it go and let it begin!

The family visit is over, I buzzed back to Eugene to teach on Monday, then brought the cat back out to the house. Let's just say we're both really exhausted, and looking forward to some quiet time in our house. We will have Thanksgiving just the two of us, and then friends are coming by on Saturday to see the house, then we go back to Eugene on Sunday. We'll be there for two or so weeks, then back out here for a longer stay for Christmas.


 We're expecting quite a storm today---rain here, snow in Eugene!--coming at not a good time for traveling over the holidays. Last night's sky was very dramatic.

A Finished Object
Socks on a plane! I finally finished them. I got in a panic on Friday when I was first coming out here because I couldn't find the project bag with the socks in it. It turns out it was in our 'travel bag' (the big bag that we take stuff back and forth in) and it had never come out of that bag (we call the bag the "Jimmy Bag" since my friend Jimmy gave it to us as a housewarming).

These look better close up as there is a cable that goes from toe to cuff.


Our good friends Joonghwa and Sooyung sent us flowers, as they do every Thanksgiving. Joonghwa was an exchange student from Korea in 2000 who took a summer school class I was teaching. We've stayed in touch as he went on for a Master's, a PhD, and finally as a tenure track professor in North Dakota. He met Sooyung at a conference we all go to and they've been married for several years and have a beautiful little boy, Jihoo or Jaden---and Jaden was Joonghwa's 'American name' that he adopted when he first came to the US. It is a very special friendship and they are both lovely people.

I missed you all--and thank you all so much for your words of support during the family visit.


Vera said...

Glad the visit went well and now you can have a quiet and peaceful holiday. Love your socks on a plane - lovely!

Tired Teacher said...

Holidays are stressful with so many preconceived expectations. Thanks to the snow storms, I'm also having a quiet holiday, and I don't mind one bit. Love your finished socks. Enjoy your downtime.

KSD said...

It's so wonderful to stay in touch with former students, isn't it?

Good luck with all the traveling. Very thankful for you.

DelightedHands said...

Sounds like a good settling time for you! The socks are very cheery!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Stay safe in the weather and have a happy Thanksgiving!