Sunday, November 03, 2019

Pretty productive weekend--hooray!

We've had a very productive weekend in the decluttering department.  Between Tim and I, we have:

-shipped off four boxes of porcelain figurines (a nativity set) to his niece
-took 4 big bags of clothes and stuff to Goodwill
-took a bunch of used electronics and styrofoam to the 'Transfer Station' (one of my favorite euphemisms)
-put seven bags for sale on Ebay (and one has already sold!)
-Tim did a lot of sorting in the garage

It feels good to do another round of getting rid of stuff.

I had time to work on another panel of Crown Wools:

Here is a close up of the hunk I did, it is lace and I messed up a lot but I'm ok with it.
I did a bunch of grading and also got a bunch of manuscripts processed on the journal I edit.

It was a lovely and sunny fall weekend and we were out enough in it to really enjoy it.


DelightedHands said...

Ahhh, nothing like a good purging!
The shawl is progressing well!

KSD said...

Nicely done. All of it.

Kym said...

(You may get this comment twice. I tried to post . . . and blogger told me there was an error.)


I said something about it feeling great to clear stuff out. And then I think I mentioned that the hardest part, for me, is starting. ;-)

Tired Teacher said...

Downsizing and purging is a necessary task. I keep a donation box in the garage - that way items go in it as I find them, and I am constantly findilling it.

kathy b said...

Love that the Nativity will stay in the family.
How do you put a BAG of stuff on eBay???? Or you are selling a bag as in a handbag?
AL is 4 weeks away from her hardest semester of grad school. One class to go after this semester then Graduation!!! I am so happy for her . But pressures on right now and she's feeling it. Miss all A's could really let a B in her life!

Vera said...

Love your knitting - the colors are grand! Purging is so good to do - I've been at it for awhile, but slowed down. I need to pick up the pace again.