Saturday, November 02, 2019

Saturday catch up

It's been a busy week and it is good to be on the weekend side. We don't have a lot planned except for a long walk and the Duck game later today. I'm looking forward to hanging out.

Here's this.
Very festive!

Art Forgery/Theft Books

I've been reading a few by an author named Aaron Elkins who has a few books on Kindle Unlimited. The first one I read was "A Long Time Coming" which is about stolen art from WW2 (but set in present day). Now I'm reading a book he wrote with her daughter (??) called "A Dangerous Talent" which is the first in a mystery series featuring art appraiser Alix London and there's faked painting and blown up casitas in Santa Fe and it is all quite exciting. Neither book is great literature but they're fun.

Did you know?
The yarn store Jimmy Bean's just bought Madelintosh? And they also own Namaste bags?

Oh yes I did
I'm not really a fan of MKALs but when I saw The Great British Baking Shawl I just jumped in. It takes 12 skeins of 130 yards each:

I wound up and labeled these when I got home from the faculty meeting yesterday. And as we were watching the final of the GBBS last night, it seemed only natural to cast on:

So it is MADNESS to have two big shawl projects going but whatever.

How are you today?


KSD said...

Honestly, I was feeling kind of glum, but your stitchwork cheered me.

Tired Teacher said...

The finished stitchery is beautiful - the design is lovely and keeps my eye moving from one detail to the next.

Liz Tamiso said...

Have you ever read Estelle Ryan’s series about art theft and the group who tracks down the bad guys? You have to start with the first book so it all makes sense. I’m anxiously awaiting the next one’s release.

DelightedHands said...

I've had some too busy days and I am missing my routine...I didn't even remember what day it was while doing dishes earlier! lol
Fun to cast on another shawl!