Tuesday, November 05, 2019

That cake shawl thing

It is coming along.

It's fun! And I like the colors a lot too. I've used 4 of the 12 so far!

A few other quick things:

-I'm selling bags as in handbags on EBay, not bags of stuff, although I would love to do that!
-I don't think I have anything else to explain!


DelightedHands said...

Oh, this is a pretty shawl--you haven't done a triangle one in a while now!
Looks like great fun!

KSD said...

Beautiful. Your color-selecting talents shine once again.

Vera said...

Pretty-pretty. I've been thinking of a triangle shawl....

kathy b said...

OH I get it!!!! thanks. That shawl is very cool. I love not having to weave in ends, so those cakes are brilliant!