Wednesday, November 27, 2019

We survived the bomb cyclone!

I am very glad I came out Monday afternoon because of all the hype surrounding the 'bomb cyclone' that moved onto the Oregon shore yesterday afternoon. It was windy and we had a bit of rain but all is well here. I guess the snow that they were warning about along the I-5 corridor didn't really happen, except in the far southern part of the state where they closed  the interstate at the California border (we've travelled that way a few times over Thanksgiving when we went to visit Tim's sister and her family when they used to live in San Jose). So now it is just chilly here but we have a roaring fire going and have been enjoying the sauna every night so we're good. We have all the food in place for Thanksgiving dinner (duck breasts served over a melange of spinach, sweet potatoes and onions) and so we can just cozy down.

New Cast On

These are for Tim, I lost the ball band but it is one of those fun self-patterning yarns--I forget how satisfying they are!

New Book
Someone recently mentioned "The Starless Sea" on their blog yesterday and I remembered I had that on the Kindle, so I started it yesterday. So far, it is absolutely wonderful. I liked "The Night Circus" and often ask myself why I haven't re-read it, but "The Starless Sea" so far is amazing. I'm only about 11% into it (thanks Kindle) and I have really no idea what it is about but it doesn't matter, it is just a beautiful book.

Safe travels!
If you are driving somewhere on this busiest day of the year, I wish you safe travels and avoidance of the bomb cyclone.


Tired Teacher said...

The storm hit Wyoming hard and all roads in southern Wyoming were close down yesterday; slowly they are opening to traffic. Another storm system is coming through on Friday/Saturday so I canceled my plans and I'm staying home.

DelightedHands said...

I'm glad you missed the storm--you would've been cozy by your anyway!
The new sock looks like so much fun!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Glad you evaded the bomb! Our Thanksgiving weather was perfect. Sunny and cool enough to need a sweater but not so cold we needed heavy coats and gloves.