Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Again with the questions!

Kathy is in my mind today for two reasons: first, she posted a new list of intriguing questions to ponder today and second, Oregon will be playing Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl. She has never mentioned any affinity for the Badgers, but she lives in Wisconsin and every Rose Bowl needs a good rivalry. The only other person I know who is a big Badger fan was a friend from my undergrad dorm named Antonina Prestigiacomo.* And we no longer are in touch to have any type of meaningful rivalry.

Here are Kathy's questions:

1. Is there any where you would not be comfortable going on vacation? Kathy had all sorts of 'nature based' reasons, mine are languaged-based. I would be uncomfortable in an Asian country given the huge differences in languages.
I would need a full time interpreter to go anywhere in Asia!

2. Have you tried to take a photo of a pet this holiday? Not yet, as we have not done any decorating yet!

3. Have you ever sold something that no one really wanted to buy? OH yes, yes, yes. I was doing a destash and found some totes and purses that were in fine shape, but I didn't want them anymore. I listed seven of them on EBay for very little money, and only three sold.

4. Do you see more signs when you need to? Whenever one of our animals passes I see butterflies, but I'm not sure I believe in the sign stuff, although I'd like to.

5. Have you ordered food for the holidays? I didn't need to order, but I went to the butcher to pick up our Christmas Eve beef tenderloin yesterday. It is now in the freezer and I have a list in the kitchen of things not to forget to take to the coast and "tenderloin' tops the list. I also tied yarn around it so I could always ask myself 'why is there yarn in the freezer?'

Thanks for the questions, Kathy!

*And thinking about Antonina triggered this memory from my college days: Antonina's  roomie was Megan Mullally. During her first year, Megan dated a guy named Brad Hall. Brad eventually went on to marry Julie Dreyfus, or as you might know her, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who also went to my University.


kathy b said...

Kim .. Just sent you an email . My buddy has more gnomes ready for sale and wanted to let you know. They are going fast. I told her to please give you 4 hours as you have crying grad students hanging on you and there is a big time difference. She has the two on the left, a green and a purple left, I believe. I don't know what she's asking. I'll read you answers later to q and a!!!

kathy b

kathy b said...

I adore Megan M. and her hubby!!!!!! Would she know you now? I LOVED her on Will and Grace. I adore them both. FUN FUN FUN. Famous who i knew:o know:
Bill murray's brother Joel. We were in Guys and Dolls high school production together.
Clancy Brown: : mean guy in Shawshank Redemption , voice of Mr Krebs in Sponge Bob
My father worked for W. Clement Stone , philanthropist for years and years
I met Terry Savage a few weeks ago at a shop in Lake geneva, she was selling her money advice book.
Thats it.

Hm.....I am still , don't laugh a NORTHWESTERN FAN and now that Al is going to GRAD school, ONE CLASS LEFT, Oklahoma U is our new MUST WIN team! They are playing a tough opponent in their bowl game. LSU......Boomer Sooner all the way!

Vera said...

Yarn around the tenderloin is brilliant!