Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Endings and Beginnings

Grades are in, lists are made, tenderloins are frozen, patterns are printed, projects are organized. Now I have a few days of 'me' time, if 'me' time means doing laundry, cleaning the house, and arranging to leave here for three weeks. I'm also doing a radio interview about 'woke washing' today with a Sirius radio station based at BYU (that should be interesting).

But yay! I have a bunch of books downloaded on the Kindle and am so, so looking forward to a break!

Casting on

I meant to do some work on the Great British Baking Shawl but as it was cold and rainy yesterday, I cast on for a hat for me.

The yarn is from Knit Picks, it is a DK weight (maybe heavier?) kettle dyed in greens, which generally aren't 'my' colors but I kind of like this one. And my winter coat that is NOT the pink one is black and my gloves are black and so this will be a nice pop of color. The pattern is Lake Reed and it is free on Rav.

Tiny needle
I've taken a stab (hahahahah) at a new pattern--this one is bigger--it is too big for a 6" hoop but will work in an 8". 

I like this one a lot. I bet you can't tell how much I've done, and that's fine. Maybe in my later life I'll just take pretty fabric and put it in a hoop and hang it.

Speaking of hoops--I hated the Q hoop or whatever the square one is called. (Googled: Q Snap). What I do love are these fake wood rubber ones and they come in lots of different sizes and really grip the fabric. I also use these to hang the finished work.

And another one
Molly Makes is having several days of free patterns that they're bringing back from previous years (maybe just this year) and I printed out this one--it is also going to fit in an 8" and I'll stitch it on blue fabric.

And reading
I'm reading "The Silent Patient" which is---OK? I'm not quite into it yet and I'm about a fourth through. There keep being little hints of mystery that keep me reading. We'll see.


Vera said...

That will be a very pretty hat (thanks for the pattern link). Your tiny needle stitching is so pretty. I've been hearing some buzz about The Silent Patient, so am curious to hear what you think when you get further into it.

DelightedHands said...

What a pretty new embroidery design! Enjoy the break from school!

Tired Teacher said...

Three relaxing weeks at your coast house will be a wonderful way to recharge. Enjoy!

Kym said...

YAY for finishing the semester! Enjoy your break! XO

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Great hat! Love the design and your yarn choice. It may not be your normal colors but it sure is mine!