Monday, December 23, 2019

Eve eve

Merry Christmas eve eve! Tim is working part of the day today and I'm going to try to not work at all. This is a new thing with me. For many academics, the holiday break is a time to catch up on all the work we were too busy to do when we were teaching---reviewing manuscripts, writing manuscripts, doing editorial work for journals, editing books---and I am one of these people. Luckily, now that retirement is in the horizon, I'm scaling back my research, and had plans to take three whole weeks off (save for answering emails, doing some work for the journal I edit, little stuff).

Then---got a bunch of chapters for a book that I've been working on with my colleague Larry on Christmas eve, with instructions saying they've been copy-edited but need a lot of revision. The due date is the end of January, but Old Kim would have jumped on these right away. New Kim said "remember when I told you in November I'm taking the holidays off? I'm taking the holidays off."

It is a bit irksome since the editor has had these chapters for probably nine months and was 'too busy' with other stuff to get to them. So I'm holding firm, and grumbling about it with my colleague.

But other than that---

We had a gingerbread house to make. This is actually a toll house cookie house (it was a kit) and it is SO SUPERIOR to the other kits we've used, mostly because the pieces sort of lock together like a puzzle as opposed to relying only on the icing. Plus it smells like chocolate chip cookies--delicious!!

We have a lovely morning.

I'm back to working on the Great British Baking Shawl and even though I had carefully numbered the balls of yarn that has all gone messy and I'm just winging it from now one.

Happy Eve Eve!


Tired Teacher said...

I love that you're standing firm on now working over the break. I used to tell my student procrastinators, "A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part!"

DelightedHands said...

The gingerbread house is so sweet! lol Literally. Great job on the shawl.
Stay firm-good call; you don't have to suffer for their procrastination!

kathy b said...

No Gingerbread baking here. Yours is perfect! chocolate chip would be a big hit here. We will go see the gingerbread houses tonight around dusk to show my L. A. pal Kath who arrives soon!!!!
Happy for you and your boundary checks! atta girl!