Friday, December 27, 2019

It was Merry and Bright

Is it already two days past Christmas? Yes I guess it is. Christmas was lovely with sleeping late, opening presents, walking dogs, going to the beach just the two of us, eating leftovers, playing dominoes (I suck) and watching the fire. Yesterday we went crabbing (no luck) and hung out in the afternoon.

A few photos:


A friend of Kathy's makes gnomes. Tim needed a gnome.

 The gnome will now live on top of the Tulikivi, which seems appropriate.

 Here is another wall of embroidery.

 One of Tim's gifts to me was a piece of glass he had blown at a glass blowing studio about half an hour south of here. Very cool!

And this was my 'big' present, a lovely piece by one of our favorite artists. It is about eight inches high (it looks giant in this picture).  I absolutely love it. I've been asked for info about the artist, and Kristy's web page is here!


Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day which doesn't guarantee a gorgeous sunset but it does help.

Here's the sunset reflected in a neighbor's window.

I am enjoying reading your holiday recaps, and it seems like Merry and Bright was prevalent!


KSD said...

Oh, please tell me you've named the gnome.

kayT said...

Sounds like a lovely holiday. I really like the glass Tim blew and your piece of art. If you feel like sharing the artist's name I'd appreciate it.

DelightedHands said...

Thanks for sharing the highlights of your week ! Love the art work!

kathy b said...

Oh Anne will be so thrilled your gnome is home. And not alone hahaha.
The glass blowing is beautiful