Thursday, December 05, 2019

The Christmas Shawl

While it seems I have had no time at all to knit or do any type of craft, I discovered last night I was on the last section!

I'm guessing this will be finished by Saturday, maybe? Tomorrow night (Friday) is the Pac-12 championship football game so that will give me a big hunk of knitting time. I have enjoyed knitting this--I'm a big fan of sampler type projects so this is right in my wheelhouse.

My last class was yesterday and I got their last project graded after class yesterday (well, after a comps defense, and a student meeting where I agreed to chair yet another PhD student).  It wasn't a 'big' project--these are the masters students in the program I run and they take a 'full year' class that I teach in fall and spring and my colleague Deb teaches in Winter.  So this last project was a 'rough draft' of a podcast that they'll work on in Winter term.  I still have some final grades to calculate and put into the magic grade program. Then I have to turn my attention to finalizing the syllabus and readings for my class winter term. I'd like to get it all done so I can take some time off over Christmas break.

I finished The Starless Sea and now no other book is worth reading.

The toe is getting better quickly--I'm wearing my house clogs today which I couldn't do on Sunday, so it is quickly on the mend. Maybe it isn't broken, maybe just a sprain? I'm just very relieved that it seems to be resolving itself so quickly.

Knitting Next
I need to clean up the yarn room and figure out what I want to knit next. I saw a pattern I liked and went to look for the yarn but couldn't find it, and now i seem to remember it is in the "wip pile" as part of a wip I didn't finish. If I do find it, maybe I'll frog the wip and use it for Almina? I also want to knit another hood. Anyway, I'm kind of looking forward to calming some of that chaos.


Vera said...

Oh boy - Almina is GORGEOUS!! I really like your Christmas shawl too. Yay for the semester being finished!!!

KSD said...

The Christmas shawl kicks twinnie butt!! Glad to know the toe is getting better and school is winding down.

DelightedHands said...

You will enjoy the end of this term and look forward to your beach house rest.
The shawl has gone pretty quickly! The new shawl idea is amazing! Great choice!

Kym said...

Your Christmas shawl is just lovely! I think "sampler" type projects knit up faster than other projects, although I have no idea why . . . (probably the variety?). Best of luck wrapping up your work before the holidays. You surely deserve a break! XO