Monday, December 16, 2019

Updates from the Coast

Good morning from Pacific City! We drove over Saturday and guess what---after all the prep to bring that big bag of yarn here---I left the bag of yarn at home. DOH! Luckily I had packed 3 WIPs and 2 embroidery projects, and guess what? There are people who will deliver yarn to you in the mail if needed. So I had a few hours of being very annoyed with myself and then I just put it behind me. There is Christmas to prepare!


We checked out the trees on our property, and decided they needed a few more years to grow. The hardware store provided this tree, almost nine feet tall.

It is trimmed and beautiful--it has almost all of our ornaments on it and could take a whole bunch more. I'll post some photos of some of my favorites on the days leading up to Christmas. 

I have one set of Christmas hoops up in our great room (sorry for the dark photo--I took these before the sun came up).

 Here's the whole "Kim's crafts" wall--the embroidery hoops and the 12 days of Christmas mittens.

And here's the fireplace where the stockings were hung with care.

Crazy ocean
The ocean is quite stormy---the tides have been high and churning, with the result that the boat ramp to the beach washed out. I've written before about the dory fleet--there's no pier in Pacific City so the fishermen tow their boats down to the beach and basically back them into the ocean, and then when they land they just drive up on the beach and let the sand stop them. Well, the crazy ocean has washed out the ramp that they drive down---I'm not sure what will happen now, although it looks like it can be rebuilt (we walked the dogs there yesterday). We think our little cape is so benign, but yesterday we saw the true power of the ocean.

And a bit of sad news
I'm sorry to share that Calypso's papa, Kokopelli, died suddenly on Friday. Here is a photo that Ann took of papa and son the day before he died.

Kokopelli on the left, Calypso on the right.

It is unclear what caused his death--he was fine in the morning, he was laying down in the pasture at 10am. and by noon he was gone. There is a necropsy being done to try to give some indication, but the feeling is that he went down so fast that it isn't something that could hurt the entire herd.

He was a good fellow---obviously he was Calypso's papa, but also the papa of Georgia, one of the farm favorites. And Georgia's son Chaco was born this year, so his grandson is at the farm too. Tink is now pregnant with Kokopelli's cria, and I'll name the cria either Koko or Pele in his honor.

Ah life.


KSD said...

The tree is just beautiful --- the perfect shape.

So sad about Kokopelli; hopefully the necropsy will provide some answers and peace of mind.

Bridget said...

The tree looks beautiful and your decorations are perfect.

Poor sweet pea Kokopelli. At least it sounds like he didn't suffer, which is a blessing.

Tired Teacher said...

Your tree is lovely as are your Christmas mittens. I hope you sneak daily treats in the mittens.

DelightedHands said...

Beautiful and big tree! What fun to have the 12 days of mittens!
Sorry about the sad news for Kokopelli's death....

kathy b said...

You made it! i have to share the boat story with Fireman. Al just told me she got all A's this semester. All that stress for a's.
IM so sorry about the sudden death of Koko......I love your plan to name the crib for him.
Good that it is not a likely communicable disease.

love your tree DEB! and the quilt

Vera said...

Gorgeous tree and I like the idea of the mittens. I think Nancy is right - sneak treats into the mittens daily. Sorry about Kokopelli.

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

I'm so sorry about Kokopelli.
Your tree is gorgeous and I love the 12 days of Mittens. Not sure if you use them the same way but they'd be so much easier to make than Advent mittens (which I say I'm going to knit every year.)