Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Waiting for an Atmospheric River

The weather forecasters are saying an atmospheric river---a rainstorm producing lots of rain--is expected starting tomorrow. I wonder if atmospheric river is the new term for pineapple express--which were rainstorms that come from Hawaii? I can't keep track.  Anyway--we are supposed to get rain.

But this morning was beautiful--

Although not nearly as beautiful as last night--

No filter, really!

Speckle tonic

One of the projects I didn't forget was Speckle Tonic, so I worked on that a bit last night (and in the 'good news' department--I found a cake of sock yarn hidden in the craft room).

There are so many stitches on the needle it is hard to see anything with this, but it is coming along.  I'm usually not a lace person but 1. this lace is kind of straightforward and 2. I've told myself I don't care how the lace looks, so I forgive myself all errors.


I finished 'The Silent Patient' which was ok---there is a HUGE twist in it that I should have seen coming a mile away, but didn't. I've been searching around for a book to enchant me, and haven't found it yet.  I'm reading a book now about the 1920s (can't think of the name, can't reach the Kindle) and so far it is OK, not enchanting.

Alpaca news
We still don't have the results of the necropsy, but our alpaca vet told Ann that there have been some cases of a soil born bacteria killing some younger alpacas in Oregon. Alpaca get immunizations for some bacteria but not all--and not the ones that are 'rarer' but if the results come back that a rare bacteria is in the soil, then I guess they can all be immunized against it? Hopefully more information will be available soon. I'm thinking good thoughts about all the alpacas today.


KSD said...

"Can't reach the Kindle." Very funny!

I didn't see the "Silent Patient" twist either. Which pleased me.

Vera said...

I've never heard the term Atmospheric River - interesting. Your sunset (and sunrise) pictures are gorgeous.

kathy b said...

Your sunset photos are amazing ! I was by chance, out at sunset today and it was beautiful. not as great a capture as yours though KIM!

DelightedHands said...

Nice shawl knitting going on! The sunset/sunrise photos are stunning!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

I love how your Speckle Tonic is coming along. I'm so late reading your blog but... Our Christmas Eve sunset was gorgeously red like that one. Hope they can vaccinate the rest of the herd and that no one else gets sick. Happy New Year!