Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Whales Watched: None

We had a good day for looking for whales yesterday but--no whales. I think they can go pretty far out--probably beyond the horizon that we can see--but maybe we'll see some today. We have seen boats out as today is the first day of the commercial crab season, so at least there is something to watch (just kidding, I could watch the sea all day).

Today is New Year's Eve and I predict there will crafting, baking, cooking, and an attempt to watch "The Irishman" and stay up til midnight. Pilot will spend the holiday in the car as he doesn't like fireworks and the car is his safe place. Tomorrow we'll take down the decorations and watch the Rose Bowl. It has been a great holiday.

A new hood
I'm doing another "Friend of the Forest" hood using some of the 'emergency' yarn bought when I first realized I had forgotten the yarn.

New toys for the Silhouette

I bought myself a set of foil quills--heated pens that transfer foil onto cardstock (and other materials, as I've found). 

Basically, you place some foil over the cardstock, put a design in the program, and heat up the pens. The heated pens transfer the design onto the cardstock. I need to work on coordinating the fronts and backs though.

I love the wavy card.

I also played around with pop up cards--this one is a birthday cake for my mom's birthday.

I made a yummy crab bisque for dinner last night--one crab at the grocery store that I cleaned myself and made the fish stock from the shells.


I'm reading The Daughter which is a thriller--I like it even though it uses that kind of annoying technique of moving between time periods--the bad thing happens in the first period and then a year later people are living their lives and dealing with the bad thing but you don't know exactly what the bad thing is. It is annoying me as much as it usually does.

I'm also reading Elin Hildebrand's Summer of 69 because it was on a sale from Kindle and I do tend to like her books.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Be safe and have fun!


KSD said...

How interesting that the car is Pilot's safe place. How did you figure that out?

The colors for the hood are magnificent.

Thanks for my Christmas card, by the way. It's being saved. And way to go on new card skills!

Happy New Year, dearest Twinster.

Tired Teacher said...

Not many fireworks this time of year - it's too cold to be outside at night. I'm glad Pilot has a safe place during the fireworks in your area. Love the new card techniques you're practicing. Happy New Year!

Kym said...

I'm hoping we have a fireworks-free New Year's Eve here . . . it's super cold and snowing, so maybe? While one of my dogs is deaf, the other gets very upset by fireworks/firecrackers. It's miserable for her. . . Enjoy your break! And Happy New Year. XO

DelightedHands said...

Tons of fireworks here to usher in the new year, too. Cats all stay inside and so they don't worry. Nice new arts to cheer you into January-enjoy!