Friday, January 31, 2020


As I've been looking at some of the submissions to the 25 Million Stitches project, I noticed that lots of people use running stitch to fill in large areas. The idea of course is to get a lot of stitches done, and the running stitch does this quickly. So I started the background of my piece. I like it so far.

I'm going to try to morph the sun/star into a rainbow that will start in the lower left hand corner.

I recently finished reading "Uncanny Valley" about a woman's experience in Silicon Valley (well written but went on to long) and now I'm reading "Such a Fun Age" which so far is really good.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Admitting Season!

As in--admitting new students to my school.

I'm on two admitting committees--one for the PhD program, and one for my Master's program. I pretty much make all the decisions for the MABR program and pull in other people when I get stuck on people, and there are six peole on the PhD committee. It's a lot. And it all is happening NOW!  Which is ok since it is a bit of a quiet time in my teaching stuff (ie. no big grading right now).

And here is some stuff:

Circus Movement

It's fun.

25 Million Stitches!

It isn't that fun now, but I'm ready to start on the embellishments and have some fun ideas and I think it is going to look amazing.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Would you like to see my etchings?

Isn't that some type of double entendre?

Anyway, we played around with glass etching yesterday. We had brought over some glass jars to experiment on, and it worked out well.

There are a few steps:

1. Design and cut out stencils. I did a variety of things on the Cameo machine, using adhesive vinyl in colors I don't like.

From left to right, you can see the stencils for a turtle, the moon (hard to see) the letter S with stars, and a dog foot.
Here are two more 's's, a hummingbird, and a bone. These are hard to see, again apologies.

2. Then the etching goo is put over the stencils.

We wear gloves and eye protection, and do this in a sink (we'll move it to the garage when the garage is finished). The etching goo stays on about a minute, and is then washed off.

3. And here is what we get:

Pretty fun! I've ordered some more glass stuff to start making more etched stuff.

AND there were experimental Christmas ornaments! Here's a protip: even if you order 3" diameter acrylic blanks, they may not be 3" wide! Measure twice, cut once!

There were all cut out from vinyl on the machine, and then placed on a sort of three inch acrylic blank. The top 2 are on silver glitter, and the bottom two are on holographic vinyl. Holographic vinyl is very very cool.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Perfectly coastal

We came out to the house yesterday morning---it is promising to be a very stormy weekend which is just fine with us, as our plans are to read and do some crafts and sit by the fire and watch a movie.  Hopefully the dogs will get a little walk in there at some point. We went to lunch yesterday at the brewpub on the beach and went to look at the ocean after---this is high tide and it was quite churny.

Car Knitting

I did some knitting on Circus Movement in the car. 
The two pinks are not a great match, I know, but they play nicely together in the striped section.

I think this is one of those things when the darkest purply color gets introduced it will pull it all together Or maybe it won't. We'll see.  I think it will all end up working fine.

25 Million Stitches

I had wrote about this project once---an effort to have people stitch panels that will eventually total up to 25 million stitches to raise awareness of the immigration crisis. I started on my panel.

"A refugee is someone who survives and who can create the future". After I stitch the quote in black, I'll fill it in with lots of running stitches in all kinds of colors. Many people who are stitching are doing that, as it accumulates a lot of stitches fast and adds a lot of color and energy to the piece.

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

A Catch Up

It seems like life has been so busy, but I'm not sure exactly how that happens.  Anyway.

My class had their first  open book/open book exam--I put it up on our class page at 10 and took it down at 11:50 and they had to upload their answers to the page (that's an explanation for those of you who haven't taken a college class in a few years).  They also have to include a statement that they didn't give or receive help from someone in the class during the test, Ergo, they can take the test at home in their pjs. The test becomes more of a critical thinking exercise (applying what they've learned) instead of regurgitation, and I think it works well. They did pretty well, so I'm pleased.

It has a lot of differnet colors in it but they're all in the same family so it looks fine. That 'big white stripe' in the middle is actually a white stripe and a light blue stripe, kind of blurred out by the flash on the camera.

Monday was technically a holiday, but I worked in the morning and then bopped out to Joann's in the afternoon (followed by class reading). I had an email that all their Cricut vinyl was on sale and Cricut stuff is usually 'exempt' from the 20 other coupons one gets at Joann's.  So I found not only some colors I like (this is for a planned Christmas Ornament proect) but also found a basket of 'clearance' vinyl. So that was good.

Almost all of these have some type of sparkly stuff in them, which will be fun for the ornaments.

Shoe Dog!

I finished reading Phil Knight's memoir, "Shoe Dog", which I've assigned as a reading with two of my graduate students who are also on the Women's Basketball Team. (Do you follow Women's Basketball? If you do---Sabrina Ionescu is in my program and I"m doing a reading with her and her teammate, Minyon Moore. They are both incredible athletes and really smart cookies).

That's all!

Monday, January 20, 2020

So there

I started on Circus Movement. I thought I'd have plenty of pink yarn to use for it (because honestly, one thing that attracted me to it was all the pink) and as it turns out I had three easy picks and one hard pick. The first hard pick was too thin, even doubled. The second was too thick. And the third is just right.

The bottom right one is the 'just right' one--the other ones were 'in' from the get go. Unfortunately, I had to knit six rows of lace with the two bad ones (and rip back) before I settled on this one.

As I had to knit that lace stuff a few times, I was starting to hate the lace section. And this afternoon I said to myself "Self--you don't have to knit lace just because the pattern says lace. It's a scarf--no one will ever see the lace anyway!" So I listened to myself and I'm not doing the lace part--I'm just doing straight stockinette.


Not really. You can see the start of the non-lace section there. I think this will look fun.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Projects and plans

The sweater is coming along.

I'm adding a few more colors in sparingly, but so far I like how it looks and I think it looks good.

A few things going on plan-wise:
-I've started on my 25 million stitches project which will be a quotation surrounded by lots of running stitches. I'll share more as it progresses.
-I'm going to start on a new Casapinka pattern called Circus movement because I love Casapinka and it isn't a mystery KAL.
-I'm already bored with this term--NOT GOOD. I did get some good work done on a manuscript for a special issue that closes 3/1.
-Rain rain rain.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Third FO of the year

Am I really going to count them all?

It's sweet.

Kathy had some questions yesterday.
*Is there something you adore but doubt you will ever knit? I don't think so? Maybe?
*I will probably never sky dive. Will you? NO EFFING WAY.
*I will probably never go to another high school reunion? Will you? SERIOUSLY DOUBT IT!
*I taught myself Tunisian Knitting or is it Crocheting? I did a few rows and stopped. I probably won’t be trying that again soon. Is there something you just tried and thought ….no….I don’t want to to knit this? I agree on the Tunisian crochet. And I tried brioche and it didn't take.
*I probably won’t knit another sweater for myself. This is not because I don’t love to , but because I can’t stand the fabric close to my skin. Do you have weird skin triggers?  I generally wear some type of cami, and I don't wear turtlenecks. 
*I probably won’t ice fish again. We are already seeing nightly news , night after night, of folks and dogs and coyotes etc going through the ice. Would you go out on the ice? HAHAHAHAH no.
*I probably won’t do much reading soon. I will be listening to podcasts , however. Some are very good. Some are not. I can tell in the first five minutes if I am going to like it. How long does it take you with a book or a podcast? (Terrible, Thanks For Asking. First one i listened to was about a nurse……….FASCINATING) I can tell after a few chapters whether I'm into the bok or not--most of the time.
*I probably won’t bake another cake again for a long time. I’m just no good at them. We have so many amazing bakeries here. BUT I will make Irish soda bread soon. What Won’t you make/cook/bake again soon? I made a chicken casserole someone had posted on their blog and I hated it, so not that. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Zig Zag Sock

This is moving along fairly well.

I tried to take this photo with the flash on the camera but it washes out the zigzag. I hope you can see it ok! This is a fun pattern and I can knit it without a cable needle so it goes fairly quickly.

We had snow in the forecast but none appeared--we do have a bit of an icy morning and I slid down a sidewalk into a muddy grass patch on our walk this morning. Luckily I was only a few houses from home and everything went straight into laundry. Winter in Oregon!

I finished "Winterhouse" and it was a cute read---clearly a middle school book but enough magic that it kept me interested. I started reading a mystery/detective book called "Such a Perfect Wife" which is OK but not really clicking with me. On the hunt for my next book!

Hope all is well in your house.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Helping Australia

I know that you're aware of the horrible, horrible wildfire situation in Australia, particularly in the southern part. I have friends in Queensland and while they are mostly safe from the fires for now, being in the North, they fear that Australia will never be the same,

I've never been to Australia, but as I said I have some good friends there and I've also been (slowly) crossstitching the Australia alphabet, so there's something about Australia that I'm drawn to--and I'm so worried about the ecosystem destruction happening there.

I've made a donation to the RSPCA in Australia and was heartened to receive an email today saying they've already received $4million to help support the infrastructure (and also start to plan for restoring Australia's wildlands). This morning I came across this Etsy Seller who is donating the proceeds from two of her patterns-- the Koala mitts and the Koala coffee cozy--to the Australia Koala Foundation (through 3/1/2020). I bought the mitts pattern and was happy to see that many others are doing this as well.

Our craft community is bound so closely, isn't it?

OK thanks for reading this, and back to regular content tomorrow.

Monday, January 13, 2020

So. Much. Football.

We watched all the playoff games this weekend, mostly because we needed some down time and also because the weather pretty much sucked. That's a lot of football (4 games) which translates into a lot of crafting time. All of the teams we were rooting for won except the Vikings but honestly I'm not that invested. I would like to see KC and Green Bay in the Super Bowl, if I had to pick right now.

In addition, I prepped this week's classes, and did some stats runs for a paper I had collected data for but hadn't started writing up. There's a 3/1 deadline for a special issue where the paper might work (it might not, so I won't invest a ton of hope and dreams into it). I also got a student's project set up in the sometimes-confusing survey software. So yay for me!

Let's see what I knit, shall we?

The sweater

I'm making The Easy Bulky One with a few differences. I'm not using bulky yarn, I'm using this yarn, several skeins of which were gifted to me perhaps by my twinnie? I like the hand so much I bought a few more, and this was the yarn that didn't get taken to the coast for Christmas. I counted and did math and figured I had enough for this sweater (but bought a few more skeins just in case) and thought I'd try a striped sweater.

It starts with the yoke--

And then the yoke goes in the round:

So now this is mindless knitting for the next foot or so, except for the changing of the color every four rounds. 

This really is an easy sweater, and I think I went through a 'no more sweaters' phase but now I'm in a 'no more MKAL or shawls or scarves' so this seems to be a good place to be (there is one more shawl I want to make though, but it isn't a mystery and I have the yarn for it). 

Do you have strong opinions on Michael's and Joanns? Not for yarn, but for other crafty things. In Eugene, we have two Joanns and one Michaels---I've had better luck getting some stuff at Joanns (like embroidery stuff) in Eugene. At the coast, there's only the Joanns half an hour from us, and my last visit there was not good--unhelpful people and some confusion over their coupons (is it me, or does Joanns tend to have six different coupons that are very confusing? Michael's tends to have lots of stuff on sale and one coupon for either a big amount over a full priced thing or a little amount over the whole purchase). So I went to Michael's on Saturday (Tim needed to go to the Best Buy in the same shopping plaza, then we went to a Brew Pub for lunch).

I prefer 12"x12" paper, and Michael's had none (but that's ok because I bought some at Joanns on the coast) but they did have a BIG SALE on this:

400 pages of bright and happy 8.5x11" cardstock.

I also picked up some foil for the foil quill machine and checked out the 'blank glass' they had for glass etching--much better prices (and selection) than Joanns. 

Happy Monday!

Friday, January 10, 2020

Just stuff

 I've had some long days, but it looks like this first revision of the book is done. I've done a bit more on the stitching.

First, of course, the Jeopardy GOAT tournament! We're rooting for James.
Second, Succession. We've just started it but it is good.
Rewatching Slings and Arrows, which is just a fun show.

The Glitch is interesting--kind of sci fi but not really, more like a gentle warning about possible consequences of our reliance on techology.

Oil and Marble--a novel about Leonardo and Michaelangelo. It's OK.

I've also decided I want to learn more about the Pre-Raphaelites--kind of inspired by the first season of Slings and Arrows but I also love this painting:

Ophelia, by Millais. 

So I have downloaded several books about them and will share any fascinating information I find (kidding). (Unless you want fascinating info about the Pre-Raphaelites!).

Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Coming attractions!

The first week of classes this term has been kind of crazy, but things are falling into place. The review of the copy edits of our textbook is headache inducing--the editor isn't familiar with terminology in our field and she has changed a bunch of standard words and phrases that people in advertising and PR use to other words, and so my task this morning was to go through and change them all back. There are paragraphs where she has changed half the words, and most of them really didn't need to be changed.

Oh well. I'm waiting for the last three chapters from my co-author and then we'll wrap that up.

New tiny needle

I like this one a lot (it was a downloadable PDF, which I then transfered onto Kona Cloth). I kind of like the First Nation feeling it has.

25 million stitches
I've committed to a panel for the 25 Million Stitches project, a community art installation that has a goal of having 25 million embroidered stitches on it to represent every refugee in the world.  I thought it would be a good project to design a panel and work on it. If you're interested, there is more information here. I'll share my design once I figure it out.

ETA: Grace asked what kind of fabric should be used. Here is what the website says: Using locally sourced and/or recycled fabric: Environmental sustainability goes a long way to slow down the escalating climate change. Extreme weather caused by climate change is one of the biggest factors that people across the globe are fleeing their homes. You may use any cotton, linen or other fabric that has some stiffness so that you can stitch easily and we can hang them vertically. Light colors and subtle patterns on recycled fabric are acceptable. We ask that the main focus of your design be the stitches rather than the color and texture of the fabric.

Let's cast stuff on.
This is socks.

 And this is a sweater.
More on these as they evolve.

Monday, January 06, 2020

Second FO of the year is better

It's a Friend of the Forest hood.

I did this with the 'emergency' yarn I bought when I got to the coast and discovered I left most of my yarn in Eugene. IT's three different colors of KnitPicks Wool of the Andes--maybe $6 total for the yarn for the hood? I like it a lot and the colors are me.

Today is the first day of winter term, my class is Tuesday/Thursday but I spent a good chunk of the day going through copy edits for a new book that I have coming out. Lots and lots of copy edits. And I was working on my school Air which has a smaller screen and it HURT! Plus I didn't have the right reading glasses. Can I have some cheese with all this whine?

I wanted to share this picture of my happy place. There are tons of wild rabbits in Pacific City, many of them are the great great great great great grandchildren of domesticated rabbits that turned 'feral'. Quotes around the feral because this:

I'm feeding this one Oyster Crackers that I just happened to have in my bag.  I think I shared the goodness with three rabbits on Friday. They won't let you pet them but will they will eat out of your hand. Thanks to our friend Dominique for the photo.

Saturday, January 04, 2020

First FO of 2020 is a meh

-the colors.

-I screwed up the pattern and have no desire to go fix it (the 'second' triangle part did not come out right)
-It is too narrow
-it is too long
-I don't really like the little flutters

I'll block this when we return to Eugene and see if I can make it a bit wider but I don't know.

Thursday, January 02, 2020

Reality Creep

The decorations are down and put away*. We did that yesterday morning while watching the Rose Parade, and then in the afternoon we watched the Rose Bowl where our Ducks pulled out a squeaker against Wisconsin. 

New Year's Eve was very rainy, although there were fireworks from a little before midnight til about 1. That was much better than last year when they started at about 7pm and just kept going. We watched "The Irishman" which was a good NYE movie--3 1/2 hours long and interesting enough (and well-acted) that we stayed up.

The shawl
Well, I'm on the last part of the MKAL shawl and this should serve as a reminder to me as to why I don't like MKAL.

The last part is basically 'filling in' the triangle to 'match' the other triangle. It's fine. I'm not crazy about this pattern. I love the colors but the whole shebang is kind of uninspiring to me. Oh well. Live and learn.

I finished "The Daughter" which I liked although the 'back and forth' got tedious and the final twist in the last chapter got me rolling my eyes like no one's business. I have another book by the same author called "The Playground" which I'll read (it is described as "Big Little Lies" meets "Lord of the Flies" which is a bit too high concept but yeah). Today my plan is to curl up with a book and knitting and enjoy one of our last days on the coast this trip.

One last view of our Christmas tree. 

*Almost all---one ornament was left on the tree and I heard it there when I hefted the tree over the deck to let it fall on the driveway, where Tim chopped it up. After he filmed a slo mo video of it falling. Anyway, I was certain that whatever ornament it was would be a goner, but Tim found it unbroken. Amazingly, it was an old glass ornament that I *think* was sent to us from my Aunt and Uncle.  It is a little house with a giant turkey.

That's it from here! 

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Happy New Year!

Here's to a good 2020!

So--do you have a word? I do. My word is float.

I wanted a word that talked about moving gently through the world--to stop digging in on ridiculous battles and to rise above the pettiness that characterizes much of my work life (and some of my personal life too) and that word is float.

I like it.

Although the Modest Mouse video with the Sheep does stick in my head a bit.