Wednesday, January 22, 2020

A Catch Up

It seems like life has been so busy, but I'm not sure exactly how that happens.  Anyway.

My class had their first  open book/open book exam--I put it up on our class page at 10 and took it down at 11:50 and they had to upload their answers to the page (that's an explanation for those of you who haven't taken a college class in a few years).  They also have to include a statement that they didn't give or receive help from someone in the class during the test, Ergo, they can take the test at home in their pjs. The test becomes more of a critical thinking exercise (applying what they've learned) instead of regurgitation, and I think it works well. They did pretty well, so I'm pleased.

It has a lot of differnet colors in it but they're all in the same family so it looks fine. That 'big white stripe' in the middle is actually a white stripe and a light blue stripe, kind of blurred out by the flash on the camera.

Monday was technically a holiday, but I worked in the morning and then bopped out to Joann's in the afternoon (followed by class reading). I had an email that all their Cricut vinyl was on sale and Cricut stuff is usually 'exempt' from the 20 other coupons one gets at Joann's.  So I found not only some colors I like (this is for a planned Christmas Ornament proect) but also found a basket of 'clearance' vinyl. So that was good.

Almost all of these have some type of sparkly stuff in them, which will be fun for the ornaments.

Shoe Dog!

I finished reading Phil Knight's memoir, "Shoe Dog", which I've assigned as a reading with two of my graduate students who are also on the Women's Basketball Team. (Do you follow Women's Basketball? If you do---Sabrina Ionescu is in my program and I"m doing a reading with her and her teammate, Minyon Moore. They are both incredible athletes and really smart cookies).

That's all!


kathy b said...


How wonderful to have such athletic and talented students! I will look them up. Glad you found some sparkly new things at a good price. !!! The sweater is really beautiful Kim. My eyes go right to the blue stripes!

Kym said...

What a great catch-up post, Kim. Sounds like you've got a lot of good things going on! :-)

KSD said...

I always gave essay/short answer tests. ALWAYS. I taught them (I hope) to think, to be creative, to show their ability to tie topics together.

DelightedHands said...

The sweater is really showing progress! Nice collection of new vinyls!