Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Admitting Season!

As in--admitting new students to my school.

I'm on two admitting committees--one for the PhD program, and one for my Master's program. I pretty much make all the decisions for the MABR program and pull in other people when I get stuck on people, and there are six peole on the PhD committee. It's a lot. And it all is happening NOW!  Which is ok since it is a bit of a quiet time in my teaching stuff (ie. no big grading right now).

And here is some stuff:

Circus Movement

It's fun.

25 Million Stitches!

It isn't that fun now, but I'm ready to start on the embellishments and have some fun ideas and I think it is going to look amazing.


DelightedHands said...

The Circus shawl is full of angles! It must be a fun knit!

Vera said...

I'm really liking that shawl!

kathy b said...

I think you'd be a very fair and good judge of students who could succeed and bring their unique perspective to the program. LOVE YOUR SHAWL