Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Coming attractions!

The first week of classes this term has been kind of crazy, but things are falling into place. The review of the copy edits of our textbook is headache inducing--the editor isn't familiar with terminology in our field and she has changed a bunch of standard words and phrases that people in advertising and PR use to other words, and so my task this morning was to go through and change them all back. There are paragraphs where she has changed half the words, and most of them really didn't need to be changed.

Oh well. I'm waiting for the last three chapters from my co-author and then we'll wrap that up.

New tiny needle

I like this one a lot (it was a downloadable PDF, which I then transfered onto Kona Cloth). I kind of like the First Nation feeling it has.

25 million stitches
I've committed to a panel for the 25 Million Stitches project, a community art installation that has a goal of having 25 million embroidered stitches on it to represent every refugee in the world.  I thought it would be a good project to design a panel and work on it. If you're interested, there is more information here. I'll share my design once I figure it out.

ETA: Grace asked what kind of fabric should be used. Here is what the website says: Using locally sourced and/or recycled fabric: Environmental sustainability goes a long way to slow down the escalating climate change. Extreme weather caused by climate change is one of the biggest factors that people across the globe are fleeing their homes. You may use any cotton, linen or other fabric that has some stiffness so that you can stitch easily and we can hang them vertically. Light colors and subtle patterns on recycled fabric are acceptable. We ask that the main focus of your design be the stitches rather than the color and texture of the fabric.

Let's cast stuff on.
This is socks.

 And this is a sweater.
More on these as they evolve.


Kym said...

Looks like you're off to a good start to the new year (and semester!), Kim! Can't wait to see what you design for the stitches project. That sounds fascinating! XO

DelightedHands said...

Nothing like a new project or two to get the knitting juices flowing!

Vera said...

Nice new projects. I like that embroidery piece!

Grace said...

please share what fabric u use for the 25 million stitches, i am homebound, so selecting fabric isn't easy but think I would like to take part in this just need an idea on what to order. Thanks so much Love the new embroidered piece, such a great picture

Tired Teacher said...

How frustrating to deal with on overzealous editor! It would make me very cranky. Love all your new projects.

kathy b said...

Oh sweaters!!!!! WOW. I love your stitching always Kim. I am working on the big cowl face mask . But I want to do some other projects soon! I finally found the right place for my alpaca sticker! On my 2020 calendar cover