Saturday, January 04, 2020

First FO of 2020 is a meh

-the colors.

-I screwed up the pattern and have no desire to go fix it (the 'second' triangle part did not come out right)
-It is too narrow
-it is too long
-I don't really like the little flutters

I'll block this when we return to Eugene and see if I can make it a bit wider but I don't know.


Bridget said...

I thought "meh" was "meth" and was really really confused ...

Hopefully blocking will make it something you will really like, or at a minimum, give as a gift.

kathy b said...

Kim there is something I Love about it but something isn't right too, for me.
I want to fold the triangles onto one another and stuff it into a pillow. I know. Weird.
I know it is finished, but IT doesnt look finished to me. ? Very very pretty use of colors though!

KSD said...

SO aggravating to spend all that time and not be happy. Sorry.

Yeah --- you aren't a "little flutters" person. (I know, because neither am I.)

DelightedHands said...

I think you will be able to use this as a cowl or scarf not a shawl!
I like the opposing color schemes!

Kym said...

That doesn't really look like your style at all . . . :-(
(That's why I dislike "mystery" knits. Lots of time, you end up knitting something you'd never choose if you saw the whole thing up front. And then you spend the whole knitting time hoping it all comes right in the end. But often? It doesn't.)
I hope you enjoyed playing with the colors and mixing up the stitches! XO