Wednesday, January 01, 2020

Happy New Year!

Here's to a good 2020!

So--do you have a word? I do. My word is float.

I wanted a word that talked about moving gently through the world--to stop digging in on ridiculous battles and to rise above the pettiness that characterizes much of my work life (and some of my personal life too) and that word is float.

I like it.

Although the Modest Mouse video with the Sheep does stick in my head a bit.


Kym said...

What a great word, Kim! I can't wait to follow along with you this year . . . and see how it unfolds.
Happy New Year!

kathy b said...

Great word for you Kim . Big year coming right? Retirement?
I have some resolutions:
Im not going to eat in the middle of the night.
I know that sounds ridiculous but I do it.
I am going to keep my hair long enough to TUCK behind my ears because I am happiest that way.
I am going to cycle with the electric assist with Fireman at least once a week from May to October

KSD said...

So as the twin, do I go with the synonym or antonym of "float" for my word?

DelightedHands said...

Sounds like good plans to float above the nonsense that results from a lot of opinions in the work place!