Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Helping Australia

I know that you're aware of the horrible, horrible wildfire situation in Australia, particularly in the southern part. I have friends in Queensland and while they are mostly safe from the fires for now, being in the North, they fear that Australia will never be the same,

I've never been to Australia, but as I said I have some good friends there and I've also been (slowly) crossstitching the Australia alphabet, so there's something about Australia that I'm drawn to--and I'm so worried about the ecosystem destruction happening there.

I've made a donation to the RSPCA in Australia and was heartened to receive an email today saying they've already received $4million to help support the infrastructure (and also start to plan for restoring Australia's wildlands). This morning I came across this Etsy Seller who is donating the proceeds from two of her patterns-- the Koala mitts and the Koala coffee cozy--to the Australia Koala Foundation (through 3/1/2020). I bought the mitts pattern and was happy to see that many others are doing this as well.

Our craft community is bound so closely, isn't it?

OK thanks for reading this, and back to regular content tomorrow.


kayT said...

Ambah O'Brien is donating all of the proceeds of her Sunshower shawl to Red Cross Australian Brushfire Relief. This offer expires at midnight tonight. Check out the Sunshower pattern on Ravelry. (Wish I knew how to put links in comments, sorry.)

Thanks for linking to the Koala patterns. Yes, our community is close-knit (heh) and strong.

DelightedHands said...

Generous people make all the difference....

Kym said...

Thanks, Kim!