Friday, January 10, 2020

Just stuff

 I've had some long days, but it looks like this first revision of the book is done. I've done a bit more on the stitching.

First, of course, the Jeopardy GOAT tournament! We're rooting for James.
Second, Succession. We've just started it but it is good.
Rewatching Slings and Arrows, which is just a fun show.

The Glitch is interesting--kind of sci fi but not really, more like a gentle warning about possible consequences of our reliance on techology.

Oil and Marble--a novel about Leonardo and Michaelangelo. It's OK.

I've also decided I want to learn more about the Pre-Raphaelites--kind of inspired by the first season of Slings and Arrows but I also love this painting:

Ophelia, by Millais. 

So I have downloaded several books about them and will share any fascinating information I find (kidding). (Unless you want fascinating info about the Pre-Raphaelites!).


Vera said...

Oil and marble looks good,,,I may need to check that out. Have a great weekend! Love your stitching.

DelightedHands said...

Nice stitching and the painting of Ophelia is haunting!
I like it when one thing leads to another....

kathy b said...

I am rooting for Ken Jennings. Fireman is not. He is for James.
I don't like that he's a gambler. But as long as he doesnt marry my daughter......why should I care?

We learned a lot about Raphael in high school. We had this nun for World Lit and she made us memorize art as well. Fra Falippo Lipe the Frescos . I remember a few. It was my only introduction to that kind of art in all my years of schooling