Monday, January 20, 2020

So there

I started on Circus Movement. I thought I'd have plenty of pink yarn to use for it (because honestly, one thing that attracted me to it was all the pink) and as it turns out I had three easy picks and one hard pick. The first hard pick was too thin, even doubled. The second was too thick. And the third is just right.

The bottom right one is the 'just right' one--the other ones were 'in' from the get go. Unfortunately, I had to knit six rows of lace with the two bad ones (and rip back) before I settled on this one.

As I had to knit that lace stuff a few times, I was starting to hate the lace section. And this afternoon I said to myself "Self--you don't have to knit lace just because the pattern says lace. It's a scarf--no one will ever see the lace anyway!" So I listened to myself and I'm not doing the lace part--I'm just doing straight stockinette.


Not really. You can see the start of the non-lace section there. I think this will look fun.


KSD said...

You ARE a rebel!

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

You gotta love a good rebellion! :) Looks great so far!

Kym said...

Patterns . . . are merely suggestions. That's how I look at it. You GO, you rebel, you! ;-)

DelightedHands said...

Ha! Color does show up more than pattern in a scarf/shawl!