Friday, January 17, 2020

Third FO of the year

Am I really going to count them all?

It's sweet.

Kathy had some questions yesterday.
*Is there something you adore but doubt you will ever knit? I don't think so? Maybe?
*I will probably never sky dive. Will you? NO EFFING WAY.
*I will probably never go to another high school reunion? Will you? SERIOUSLY DOUBT IT!
*I taught myself Tunisian Knitting or is it Crocheting? I did a few rows and stopped. I probably won’t be trying that again soon. Is there something you just tried and thought ….no….I don’t want to to knit this? I agree on the Tunisian crochet. And I tried brioche and it didn't take.
*I probably won’t knit another sweater for myself. This is not because I don’t love to , but because I can’t stand the fabric close to my skin. Do you have weird skin triggers?  I generally wear some type of cami, and I don't wear turtlenecks. 
*I probably won’t ice fish again. We are already seeing nightly news , night after night, of folks and dogs and coyotes etc going through the ice. Would you go out on the ice? HAHAHAHAH no.
*I probably won’t do much reading soon. I will be listening to podcasts , however. Some are very good. Some are not. I can tell in the first five minutes if I am going to like it. How long does it take you with a book or a podcast? (Terrible, Thanks For Asking. First one i listened to was about a nurse……….FASCINATING) I can tell after a few chapters whether I'm into the bok or not--most of the time.
*I probably won’t bake another cake again for a long time. I’m just no good at them. We have so many amazing bakeries here. BUT I will make Irish soda bread soon. What Won’t you make/cook/bake again soon? I made a chicken casserole someone had posted on their blog and I hated it, so not that. 

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DelightedHands said...

Very pretty embroidery!!!! I wondered if you will keep count all year! lol