Sunday, February 23, 2020

Bigger and bigger and bigger

This scarf is coming to the end of its first phase:

I have a bunch of rows at the end, then I pick up stitches for the long sides. I kind of feel like this will never be done but at the same time, I know it will. This is pretty much mindless knitting (even though the last section is a lot of slipped stitches) so I will work on that while reading today.

Yesterday was a long day. Tim had an early flight---5am yech!--and the alarm was set for 3:15 to get up and for me to drive him there. Well, we both were awake at about 1:30am and while we didn't get up and at 'em then, we just kind of lay there waiting for the alarm. So I drove him to the airport, got home a bit after 4, and then lay down in the dark with the dogs but didn't get back to sleep. Walked the dogs at 6am, got home and did a little work and then ran a lot of errands. Got home, did some knitting and some playing around with cards and then wound some yarn.

I'm planning to make some 'two tones' scarves, and here are three pairs. The top is a fall scarf that I'm not sure I'll work on til this summer. The bottom right is grey solid and a black/grey/seaglass mix, that I think I'll use for Albuquerque Sunset and the pinks and purples for Local Yarn shawl. Here is a close up of that pair.

 More tomorrow with more Circus Movement!


kathy b said...

Thanks Kim, I just added that shawl to my likes in Rarely

Vera said...

Nice choices for next shawls and the yarns too! Gorgeous.

Delighted Hands said...

I like that you are picking out the next project before you finish this one! lol