Monday, February 10, 2020


This will be a crafts free post, mostly because I'm writing it at work and forgot to take pictures. Plus it was a really really busy weekend.

On Saturday I guess lectured (via Skype) at my friend Lauren's graduate class at the University of Washington. I was talking Wokewashing, and was kind of tweaking my presentation up until the last minute.

On Sunday, well, this happened.

 I was a guest coach for the Women's Basketball Game, which means I got a behind the scenes tour of the basketball arena and then had really, really good seats for the game. I'm in the middle, with my friend and colleague Kelli to the right, and Megan who I had not met before on the left. We were invited by the athletes and the support staff because we support athletes (just like we support all our students). It was a fun but somewhat tense game which we won (I'm a GOOD COACH!).

Anyway, back to knitting and other stuff tomorrow.


Tired Teacher 2 said...

I love the concept of “guest coaches.” It would be fun if more institutions did that. Glad your team won.

kathy b said...

You look fantastic. >What a fun fun opportunity to see a great game!

DelightedHands said...

Fun! My husband coached guys and the girls high school basketball--always a good time, especially for a winning game!!!