Monday, February 17, 2020

Not really a holiday

I technically don't have President's Day off, but I don't have a class today, I worked during the past two weekends (and on MLK day, which I technically did have off) and I'm out at the coast, so I don't think a lot of stuff beyond maintenance will get done today. I will go back mid-Afternoon, Tim heads up to Seattle tomorrow for some meetings.

It's been a great weekend. There has been--

All Kinds of Weather

Fog. Sun. Pouring Down Rain. Clouds. A Brief Attempt at a Sunset. And my favorite: Pouring down rain in the back of the house, and sunny in the front.

 This was yesterday morning when we got up.

This was yesterday morning about an hour after we got up.

We took advantage, especially yesterday--we went for a walk on the beach (there was a deer on the beach! That is a first for us) and then a long walk in the afternoon as well. Saturday we were homebound because of the rain but we ventured out to go to a dinner party at a neighbor's. It was very fun to spend a rainy night with new friends.

All kinds of crafts

I knit, I embroidered, I made a bunch more cards (I'll show you those this week, because I'm going to be doing some experimental stamping work to add some color and texture to cards. I need another craft like I need a hole in the head but I think stamping could be a fun and fairly inexpensive (and contained)  little rabbit hole to go down.

This is the new embroidery---the fabric has a blurry background that is different from other stuff, but it looks nice.

I rotated some of the embroidery around, which I tend to do when we're out here. I think this is the last of the 'winter' displays though.

Here is the moon phases one close up, which is one that can be used during any season.

The glass etching stencils didn't work--they weren't tight enough on the glass tiles so they got kind of smeary. I think they'll work for stamping though (stay tuned on that one). And I bought some 'purple' tiles but they weren't purple all the way through--they were clear with some type of purple backing on them so they didn't reflect the light and as a result the etching looks like chalk. Not pretty, but good to know.

One meh movie

"The Good Liar" even though Helen Mirren and Ian McKellan were wonderful.

I hope your weekend was (and hopefully still is)


Delighted Hands said...

Beautiful scenery! Nice to learn about the etching, etc. That's how you become an expert--no better teacher than experience!

KSD said...

A deer on the beach? What a wonderful, unexpected image.

Vera said...

Love the moon embroidery! And a deer on the beach - so cool. Sounds like a good, long weekend!

kathy b said...

I just love your stitching Kim. Your photos of your new place are always fascinating. Have you shown us the kitchen? I can't recall. A deer on the beach? Wonderful. How sweet.