Saturday, February 15, 2020

Saturday Morning Crafts

Well, these are actually Friday afternoon and Saturday morning crafts, just to keep everything honest.

I got here yesterday around 11--Tim got here around 5:30. I unpacked and put stuff away (I brought out some crafting stuff, because generally I don't need a lot for a weekend). I got the crab stock out of the freezer, and then ran a few errands (grocery store, gas station, and post office). And the dogs got a walk, and emails were attended to.


I cut out some stencils that we'll use both on glass etching (I have glass tile coasters to try this on, and if anyone knows where to get red or blue or green glass 'blank' tiles, let me know).

These are cut out of mylar stencil materials, and should theoretically be reusable. We'll see.


I made a few cards. One for my MIL's birthday-

Plain cardstock is starting to bore me, so I'm going to play around with some stamping next week. Stay tuned!

Here is one I made for my friend Platt.

And this one was an experimental card which reinforces my boredom with plain cardstock.

It's sort of cool, but for a pop up card, sort of dull.

Second sleeve

About another inch and I'll be at the stripey part (maybe more given how this looks). But it will be done soon.

Happy Saturday!


Delighted Hands said...

The stencils are going to be very handy for the glass etching-have fun.
The sweater is coming along nicely, too!

kathy b said...

You sweater is a masterpiece! Not long and it is a FO! I barely can stamp a brown paper bag. Kudos to you and Stef and Deb who make amazing cards

KSD said...

Love how you casually drop "crab stock" into the conversation, like we all have crab stock in the freezer.

The stencils look fabulous.

Vera said...

The card for your MIL is so pretty. Love your sweater too.