Friday, March 13, 2020

A bit of a panic mode

I'll get to the knitting in a second, but I do want to share that things are in a panic mode here in Oregon. At school, I have to finish up grading for this term, and then rejigger my class to offer it remotely for at least three weeks and maybe more. All large gatherings are banned in Oregon, and it was just announced that all schools are closing on Monday til the end of March (this includes scheduled spring break).  Every time I open my email there's three messages from three different people with three different types of information about the situation at school, much of it redundant, none of it makes me confident anyone knows what they're doing. Students are incredibly panicked (is that how it is spelled?) and eager to leave campus and head to their homes away from here.

I just hope all these measures stem the tide in Oregon. We don't have a whole lot of cases here--30--and none so far in my county reported (and my belief is that of course we have people in my county with the virus, but none official yet). I hope all these closures stem the tide, but I also feel for people who are suddenly faced with new child care needs etcetera. It's just all overwhelming right now.

We'll be headed out to the coast next week as soon as my obligations here are done. This weekend I'll figure out how much yarn and needlework to pack (I have two shawls on the needles and a pair of socks on the needles, and three more shawls -- maybe 4-- in the queue. And lots of sock yarn. I won't use more than a third of it).

Here is the current ABQ Sunset:

I'm about done with the 'mostly grey' sections so this will be a bit livelier soon.

I finished both books that I told you about, and I highly recommend "Writers and Lovers" by Lily King. Now I'm reading "The Jetsetters" about a dysfunctional family on a cruise--it is ok, nothing world shattering, but I don't really need world shattering right now.


Vera said...

Yup, the panic is spreading rapidly I'm afraid. I work in the health care industry and it is absolute nuts! We have facilities (hospitals) that are out of soap and hand sanitizer and cannot get any!

kathy b said...

I thought the measles would spread before , and I thought it would be bad. But this is worse! We are hunkered down. We have tons of woodwork we can do. Fireman painted the front door and it was tricky. But it is a lovely RED right now. I'm waiting to hear that the Barn will be cancelling , but we are on break for 3 weeks anyhow. Break for the kids. WE just had a great volunteer event last week so I got my horse viewing in

I have lots of yarn thanks to Allison's knit hiatus. Im happy to buy from my local store however. I think she's having enough trouble getting clients in .

Tonight the shawl /cowl summer wrap continues.

Delighted Hands said...

I really liked seeing the close-up of the shawl---beautiful texture!
I hope you get through everything well so you can hightail it out of there!

fillyjonk said...

We've closed for an extra week for spring break (for the students). They are saying faculty should come back to campus (provided they are well) and work towards transitioning to teaching all online for a minimum of two weeks after that (I am QUITE sure it will be more). I am okay with this. I have already done what I can easily to prepare, and I have an appointment to get help with audiorecording lectures and doing online testing the "right" way on the 26th.

I did a last big grocery run yesterday at the small local store I like. It was not bad or overly busy (but then it was raining hard - I was so busy and frankly freaked out that I figured rain or no rain, I was going to stock up). I don't know what it's like today. A colleague reported the wal-mart was "bad," so I think I will just avoid them from here on out. (Anyway, I am fine, I have everything needed to eat well for two to three weeks, and a bit less-well for a month or more after that, even without being able to mail order some stuff or get to Pruett's).

I am grateful our campus is not just closing down and telling us to stay at home - we are a small department, and are all high-personal-space type people, and understand disease transmission, so we should be fine. But being able to see and talk to my colleagues in person will go a long way in keeping me from feeling isolated in this.

I am working at home on clearing out the backlog of knitting/crochet/sewing projects I started, got distracted about, and left unfinished. I'm thinking once I return to campus, during the "downtimes" when I'm not recording lecture material or such, I can do some research reading/updating class material.

I am telling myself things will maybe not be 100% okay, but they will be okayer than what the worst of my anxiety told me earlier.

Jeannie Gray Knits said...

Things have been crazy here too. Our state is up to 51 cases. None are in our county but they are in the next county over. I reckon I'm happy to be rather isolated here in the country at my MIL's house. We are the only house on our road and have plenty of space of our own to get outside and get fresh air without coming in contact with anyone else. Our food supply may become a problem but I have plenty of yarn to keep my mind off the hunger pangs. :)
Stay well,