Monday, March 09, 2020

It's a "Much to See" Monday!

Lots of stuff to show you, including nature, knitting, sunsets and supermoon.

Let's do craft stuff first.

New project

The knitting of the weekend was on ABQ Sunset and on the Local Yarn Shop Shawl, also from Casapinka. I'm not that far into it.

I have almost 80 rows done on this, but it doesn't look it, does it? Anyway, I like the colors and there's a bit of a pattern breaking up the stockinette so I'll show you a close up tomorrow.

Phew that was a long sentence!


I did a bit of etching this weekend.

Hard to get good pictures of these on purple backed glass, but I gave it a try. For these, I basically etched everything except the whales.  They look good but are hard to photograph!

An alpaca!
A celtic knot!
Coral! Bad picture sorry.

A starfish!

I like etching, although it is kind of nervewracking as there is no fixing it once it starts.


We've had some glorious ones. But we've also had some glorious...


This was a bit after 7am today.

And the sun comes up.

And all is well.


Kym said...

I love your projects -- and especially your etchings (so cool) -- but it is hard to beat those sunrise/moon/rock photos! Such a lovely place on earth.

Delighted Hands said...

I really like all of the etching you are managing to conquer!
The sunset photos are beautiful!

kathy b said...

That llama looks familiar!!!Your etchings are lovely
Thank you for sharing your early and Lake day photos. The horizon is just so lovely when water meets it and we can see so far!!! Thank you. The rock is enormous when I see the house in the foreground, !!!!

Vera said...

Beautiful pictures and I (like everyone else) really love that rock. The moon has been gorgeous lately hasn't it? The etching looks so cool and like it is a lot of fun (even if nerve wracking!).

KSD said...

I should know the name of That Rock by now, but don't. Still, it's gorgeous.

And are you standing on the counter to take the picture of the shawl?