Wednesday, March 18, 2020

My social distancing strategy

We're on the coast, and we're happy to be here.  We are about as isolated as we can be from campus craziness, and things are sort of normal here? The restaurants are all takeout only, and the little businesses are worried about the economy (of course) but there was milk and eggs at the grocery in town and for some reason I'm feeling somewhat optimistic that this social distancing will flatten the curve.

Today's social distancing workout
Tim and I walked the dogs, and then we moved wood from the downstairs woodpile to the upstairs woodpile. The fireplace is upstairs so that is why we had to transfer stuff.

Today's social distancing cute animal

Today's social distancing big idea
I was texting with one of my master's students and we had an idea to start collecting Random Acts of Community and Kindness. Like knitters who host online chat groups via Rav or YouTube. Like neighbors who put out sanitized puzzles for others in the neighborhood to enjoy. We're going to collect these and create a beautiful book. Leave your ideas here, or leave them on my Insta post here:

Today's craft photo



Tired Teacher 2 said...

I also think social distancing is going to help flatten the curve. We are so blessed to have dedicated healthcare providers. They need a break, and I pray more people will self-isolate to allow the curve to flatten and take a lot of pressure off of hospitals and off of businesses.

Love the idea of collecting acts of kindness and compassion.

Kym said...

What a GREAT idea to collect acts of kindness and compassion! As Mr. Rogers said . . . look for the helpers! Enjoy your time at the coast. It sounds like a perfect place for social distancing. XO

KSD said...

I went to the grocery yesterday (curbside pick-up, thank goodness) and was shocked at how many people were out and about. What in the world can you possibly need at Kohl's?????

fillyjonk said...

I love the blanket in that first photo. Did you make it?