Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Questions from Kathy

Kathy B of course!
*Do you prefer to knit with bigger needles or smaller needles?
You know, I knit almost every single thing on a size 5. I have a lot of smaller needles for socks but almost everything else can be done on a 5, as far as I'm concerned. That seems a bit wrong, doesn't it?
*Do you like to have a bulky knit or crochet going with a sock at the same time to alternate weights?
No I don't really like bulky knits. I'm a bit of a bulky girl.
*Do you have a pattern that can be a bookmark or a shawl?
I"m not sure why I would have this.
*Do you think Leaves are the easiest object work into a project or are you a feather and fan wave person?
I'm not a big feather and fan person although I think my twinnie is? Twinnie? So I guess lees by default? I
*Do you like to read books about places you have been to visit?
YES I DO I DO ALL THE TIME. And I read books about places I'm visiting while I'm visiting there. This is how I found out there are very few books set in New Zealand.
*Do you know an author?
Yes, my friend Lauren Kessler is an author. Plus I've published a bunch of boring text books so I'm an author too, I guess.
*Do you know a pattern author?
I have some patterns on Rav that are easy and free, so I guess so. AND I KNOW KATHY B! And like most knitters I've met a lot of designers at workshops etc. 
*Do you wish you could write like someone ? Who?
Anyone who writes well!
*Do you plan months ahead for a local person or within an hours drive, for a get together?
*Do you like a text: Hey, we are at such and such, want to join in?
I don't hate that.


Delighted Hands said...

Fun answers...the number 5 needle is an odd security default! lol

Kym said...

My knitting-needle-sweet-spot is also a size 5. (Sometimes a 6 or 7, but always a 5). :-)