Thursday, March 19, 2020


Like many of us, I'm dealing with anxiety--my own, my family's, our students', my colleagues. Today, here are some random ways I'm working on it.

1. I'm doing yoga at home, using my own personal Yoga teacher, Amy. She has a series of videos on prime that I think are all free: here. These are short (less than half an hour) beginner practices focusing on stretching and breathing. I like them.  I'm also doing arm weights to work on my biceps (kayak season will be here soon!) and Tim and I take good walks each day. With Pilot and Comet (below), of course.

2. I'm making sure I enjoy the craft goodness and nuttiness that is Craft Gossip. They have a daily newsletter that gives a bunch of projects, from the simple to the pretty bizarre. It is a good source of inspiration.

3. I'm reaching out. I don't have a great relationship with my mom, but have been checking in on her much more frequently. She's in an assisted living home, living somewhat independently, near my brother. Her facility is on lockdown, although she can get together with 3 other people if she wishes (she's trying to organize a bible study, which is interesting as she gave up on organized religion several years ago). I sent her some books, some puzzle books, and a 3D jigsaw puzzle (she was an architect and that might amuse her, but knowing her it won't and she'll just give it away with some sarcastic comment about it being a waste. Yes, I don't have a great relationship with her).

4. Do you want a card from me? I'm ready to try some new techniques on cards and would be happy to send a card out to you. Email me your address at this email address:  kbshee AT comcast DOT net and you'll get a card from me eventually.

5. Work. We just learned our 'online only' period was extended two weeks by the governor. So that's half a term online (oh sorry remote). Sigh.

6. Oh yes knitting. I'm done with the third section of ABQ Sunset. Man these colors are hard to see.

Hope you are well and handling it all. I am glad I can check in with my blog friends.


Tired Teacher 2 said...

I’m doing well - I have been staying home since THE task force suggested a 15 day “confinement.” Lots of projects and activities to keep me busy. I’ve taken a few walks in the early morning when the air is fresh and moist. UW is conducting remote classes for the Spring term. Students were encouraged to empty their dorm rooms before spring break, and if they didn’t, they have until April 6th to remove their possessions. I feel sorry for the international students who are basically homeless.

kathy b said...

Im doing okay oddly enough. The days seem to fly by. But right now Im catching up on blog pals and trying to be encouraging Im also simultaneously watching reruns of that 70s show. Josh I love the styles and the avocado kitchen! Thanks for the links!!!! I m thinking there will be no graduation ceremony for AL. We are still waiting to see of course. We were going to drive down so we don't have to worry about flights etc.
My foot is much better. My arse is almost 100%. I saw a robin yesterday. There is ONE hyacinth coming up and some daffodils.
Fireman is a bit of a hyperactive one. I'll try to get him out for a walk tomorrow. Sounds like he is my dog. hahahah. Actually We did a good controlled burn the other day. I have clover seeds at the ready but it is too early to sow. I can prep more though with a bit more controlled burning. Things here are so so wet.
My blog pals are really helping. I WANT A CARD! I'll email yoU!

Kym said...

What is most surprising to me . . . is how little I DO every day, but how quickly the time seems to pass. It's a conundrum. I want a card! Will send you an email. :-)