Thursday, March 26, 2020


Yesterday afternoon was annoying (I'm sensing a theme with my blog posts). While many schools gave faculty an extra week to prepare for going online, my school didn't. And while many of these schools giving faculty extra time to prepare have four or five weeks left, we have an entire term--ten weeks.

To say nerves are frayed is an understatement. Mine got extra frayed yesterday. Doesn't really matter why, but I'm better today.

I had some work stuff in the morning then took off the afternoon (it is Spring Break, after all). I've created a bunch of cards, and several of you will receive one of these in the next week or so.

This is the 'hello spring' line of cards. I've cut the image out on the cutting machine, and then do a background in some cool inks I have. They kind of look airbrushed, yes?

This line is not yet named.

Yes these are two different cards. The one on the bottom is 'distressed'--meaning a gave it a fine mist and it gets a little texture on it.

I call these 'cool fish'.

 This one is distressed.

 This one is not.

The final group is called rainbow butterflies.

I'm really glad I have this outlet to put some energy into (hence, the re-direction). I can be kind of creative (with the inking) and use someone else's good work to get a good result (the cutting out stuff). These are all far from perfect but they are helping me stay sane.


kathy b said...

Oh they are just lovely lovely cards

Ive been crabby since 4 o clock. The clouds can part now...literally. I think they have. I went outside to try to get abetter phone connection with Zach and it was Starry and clear out.

I need to knit more and shop less. The grocery situation was not great today . I refuse to go IN to a store. The pick up we ordered 6 days ago was only partially filled when we got it today. I was surprised.

Must fine a new store that has supplies and not so long a turn around time. Or maybe I'll just by me a chicken and have it lay eggs etc. Then I'd need a cow for milk too though. Sigh

Kym said...

Those cards are really lovely, Kim. I'm so glad you've found a creative outlet for your frustrations! Hang in there! XO

Delighted Hands said...

Yes, these creative cards are just what you needed to indulge in!
I hate paying for someone else's poor planning!

Tired Teacher 2 said...

Nice job on the cards - I like the fish.