Monday, March 23, 2020

Stupid People are Stupid

Warning: this is a rant.

It was a beautiful weekend on the Oregon Coast, and  hundreds--probably thousands--of people from the Valley flocked to the coast. This was the day after the Governor issued a 'stay home, stay safe' order. There was no staying home, and no staying safe, as people jammed into the beach accesses and paid no attention to social distancing. And they also jammed into our tiny grocery store.

Many people likened it to a fourth of July weekend, which takes our little town about a week to recover from.  And it was the first weekend of spring break in Oregon, so the fears were that it would continue all week.

So this happened:

Our county has closed down parks, beach parking lots, and ordered all hotels, motels, campgrounds, and short term rentals (e.g. airBnBs) to close as of noon today. The two bigger places at the beach had already announced on Saturday that they were closing down, including closing down the carryout at the pub and the coffee place (the coffee place!). And now the rest will close. The locals (which I guess we are) are happy about this (as am I) because this is just so much Stupid all in one place. Apparently it was like that all over Oregon on Saturday---I get that people want to get out and enjoy a nice sunny day in the face of all the horror happening but people! People! Don't be stupid and think about others for once!

OK rant over.

Eagles and Whales and Flowers

There are a few eagles hanging around PC. There is one at the very tippy top of this tree:

And I managed this video of this eagle flying off.

Do you know what this plant is? It is all over the place in our neighborhood.

Other Stuff
I finished "The Antidote to Everything"--I ended up liking it a lot. 
We subscribed to the HBO channel on Amazon and have been watching "Silicon Valley" and "Succession". 
We finished Season 13 of "Midsomer Murder" and said goodbye to Tom and Joyce Barnaby. Have you watched this? Here are my questions about the first 13 seasons:

1. Did Cully ever make it as an actress?
2. What happened to Mr. Cully?
3. Isn't Joyce a little overscheduled? How does she do all this volunteer work?
4. Where are all the people of color in Midsomer?
5. What would make you want to live in Midsomer? For me, it's the cozy pubs and the cute little post office/stores. 
6. Why wouldn't you want to live in Midsomer? The answer is quite obvious.
7. What kind of a name is Cully, anyway?

Any thoughts please share. 


Delighted Hands said...

Sympathy on the beach situation--same thing happened on the other coast, the Amelia Island beaches this past weekend and it had to be shut down, too!
My son said people were like elephants charging through the sand regardless of people around them! So sad. We watched all of the Midsommer episodes, too; loved it! Yes, I would move there for the old buildings and the scenery!
I think Cully is an Irish name!

kathy b said...

People can be so uncaring . Its all about ME! Good for your town and their leadership.
Eagles are amazing to see aren't they? We would see them all the time in the Summer in Northern Wisconsin

Bridget said...

I just wish you could knock stupid out of people. I'd be willing to do it as a full time job.

Kym said...

I just don't understand . . . what's so hard to understand . . . about all this. It is so frustrating and maddening. I have only watched one season of Midsomer Murders (maybe 2???), so I can't answer any of your questions except that I'd want to live Midsomer for the charm of it all. XO

KSD said...

I am INFURIATED by how too many people are acting (or not acting) right now.